Sunday, June 29, 2008

Day 38

Sam totally caught me off guard this morning as I was getting dressed.

"Mama you fat." (giggle giggle)

"What?" "Did you just say what I thought I heard?"

"Mama faaaaaaat!"

2 year olds are mean.

But along those same lines, I've had this conversation with my daughter as well:

"Mommy, why is your belly so floppy?"

"Well, Mommy had five babies. Remember when Mommy’s belly was big like a balloon? When the baby was inside? Well, when the baby comes out, Mommy’s belly is like a balloon with no air inside, and that is why it’s floppy".

"Oh". (wide-eyed giggle)

Yes, the truth hurts, but it’s also pretty humiliating funny.

I seriously need to go on a diet.

Anyway, for today being a Sunday, it wasn't half bad.(so far anyway, it's still early afternoon) We made it to church without too much of an uproar. I didn't get to actually sit in church though. About 8 minutes into the worship time, I saw the number 207 flash across the number board at the front of the church. I pulled my parent sticker out of my pocket, and yup, sure enough, Sam's number. I made my way to the 2 year old room and found the toddler teacher trying to calm Sam down...seems he was crying so hard he was holding his breath. Needless to say, I walked around with Sam and missed the service.

I also got to have lunch with a friend--and that was really nice. It's always good to have adult conversation and only have to look at the table across from me with a bunch of kids, and be thankful they weren't mine. And on my way home from lunch, I found out I was called off from work...good and bad, but mostly good. Another friend invited me to go and try my luck at Bingo tonight. I just might!

Signing off, sounds like things are deteriorating in the 'pretty good day' department. Hubby is shrieking like a Lemur monkey at the kids...later!

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