Saturday, June 21, 2008

Day 30

Yay! Almost 4 weeks down. 7 more to go until school starts up again. Clearly, the kids have been just as thrilled as me to have summer here. Who knew that having them home all day every day for nearly 3 months would be so much fun? We colored. Danced. Built forts. Blew bubbles. Rolled around play-dough. I thought 'Wow, we're really passing the time here!'
And then it was 10:30am.

I'm going to be dancing my way into school come August 11th.

Still dealing with Gracie's eye rolls, the yelling, the foot stomping, the tantrums over having to wear anything but pink dresses and the general manic moodiness. Too bad she's still too young to go to school this year! Seriously, at age 4 she's fantasizing about ways to injure her brothers without getting caught. What's up with that?
Boarding school in Switzerland anyone?

Today was actually a pretty good day here. The kids were kept busy and I spent a few hours with my mom walking around at Springspree and Costco. It was nice to get out sans kids and hubby!

Signing off...a certain little girl wants to go to bed. Now.

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