Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Day 19

I can't tell you how many times I felt my cell phone vibrate in the pocket of my scrubs today. I didn't answer it most of those times because I didn't think the patients I was dealing with would appreciate me taking a call in the middle of caring for them. When I did manage to answer it, all I heard was whining, crying and mayhem. "She HIT me in the chest with a wooden HAMMER Mom!" screamed Josh. "Well, HE hit me in the tummy with his foot Mama!" cried Gracie...all the while I am thinking to myself, 'Where in the world is your Father, and why can't you voice your complaints to him instead of phoning me'??? But, interrupting that thought was the buzzing of the phone in my pocket...again. Feigning bad cell phone reception got me off hook and back to my job.

I've not heard anything from Eli and Caleb yet this week--which is good. That means no stitches came out, no bones were broken and no one is horribly homesick. I can rest assured that all is well at Camp Elim. Too bad camp can't last for a month :)

I really am too tired to write anything of worth today, and I need to go wake up a sleepy Sam before he's gotten enough sleep to stay up until 3am.

Oh, by the way, that meeting with the surrogacy agency is taking place this Thursday! They are making a home visit, so I suppose I'd better get out the power washer and get to cleaning.

Until next time...

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