Sunday, June 22, 2008

Day 31: Sweltering Sunday

I had the brilliant idea last night that we'd all get up today and go to church. Seeing as we've only been to church about a handful of times in the last year, I thought it was a great idea. I did debate with myself as to where we should go to church--should we go where we've been members since 2003 or should we go back to the church we tried a few weeks ago? Not surprisingly, my fear of using up all of the gas in our van, led us to 'our' church and not the one we tried across town.

Getting there wasn't an easy soon as I breathed word to the kids that we were going, all I got was a barrage of complaints and whining. "Church is SO stupid and boring!" and "I'm not going NO MATTER what you say!" So, needless to say, getting them out the door hellish and I found myself yelling outloud wondering why we were going in the first place. When we got there though, a little of the stress melted away when the kids all went to their classes without incident. I couldn't really break out of my angry funk though, so I sat pretty smug through the whole service. Oh how mature of me. Hopefully no one noticed my scowling face.

Anyway, before we left for church this morning, the house was already starting to heat up, so I turned on the air conditioner so we'd have a nice cool house to come home to. Unfortunatley, it seems that 'Not me' (The Entity) has struck again...'Not Me' shoved a stick in between the fan blades of the a/c causing it not to be able to blow any air and the outside of the unit was red hot to the touch. Even though the temperature was set at 73*, it rose to a sweltering 81*. I managed to dislodge the stick with a butter knife, but the fan is still not spinning. 'Not Me' is going to need to get a job.

I've got a long week ahead of me...lots to do and I will be doing the hard work of turning 34 29 years old on Tuesday, so I'm signing off to get some sleep :)

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