Sunday, June 15, 2008

Day 24: Back in the Saddle Again

Gracie had a pretty good first day home after her horrendous awful ordeal in the hospital. I have to say, with what happened to her, I lost some of my faith in doctors. Luckily, I still have my faith in God. I suppose that's what keeps me going.

I don't think I mentioned this before, but the day before Gracie got sick, Sam fell and hurt his wrist. Since he cried about it for hours and wouldn't use his arm, I took him into the doctor with Gracie and had his wrist x-rayed. Doc said probable buckle fracture, put him in a half-cast and gave orders to see an orthopedist this week. Apparently, toddler fractures sometimes aren't very clear on x-ray until a week after the fact unless it's a major break. Sam is still complaining of his wrist/fingers hurting, so I suppose we're off to that ortho doc soon. Hmmphffffff...just what I want to do is see another doctor!

Can somebody blow the black cloud away from us please? Seriously, it feels like we are being followed by doom :(

I totally did the stupidest thing last really darn stupid I'm afraid. I always save half of our mortgage payment out of hubby's paycheck so that when the next paycheck rolls around we have the full amount of money to pay the mortgage. Thing is, I save the money in a totally separate account. Anyway, I scheduled the payment to be made automatically on Wednesday (the day Gracie got sick) and I was so stressed out with what was going on here, that I spaced transferring the money to the account the mortgage would be paid out of. Long story short, I now have 8 (yes EIGHT!) overdraft fees of $34 each for making that stupid mistake. And now I don't have enough money to cover the bills. <---insert maniacal scream here---> Man oh man...see, I told you there was a black cloud hovering!

It's nearing midnight, and I must have had one too many Diet Pepsi's because I can't seem to get tired enough to sleep...I am going to sign off to try and nod off--if I don't soon, I'll suffer the consequences tomorrow.

Until next time!


Jen said...

Try asking your bank for grace. Explain what happened and why. They should be able to look at your history and see that it's a one time mix up. We made a mistake like that once and got four overdraft charges and our bank forgave two of them. Your bank may not but it's worth a shot.

Lisa said...

I agree! I've done it before and have had the fees waived. If not, have my mom call for you. She's the "queen of returns" and getting things waived! :)
By the way, I think you were under an enormous amount of stress so your mistake is understandable. I know that doesn't make it any easier though!
Love you.