Monday, June 16, 2008

Day 25: My Daily Complain-a-thon

I have become such a complainer. I'll admit it. I'm not proud of it, but it seems to be woven into who I have become. Granted, I have a few things that are legit to complain about, but, I think I take advantage of that far too often.

Complain I might, complain I must...

Gracie is pretty much back to herself today. She started getting snotty in her attitude again, so I know she's feeling better. She's still looking a bit gaunt with darkish circles under her eyes, and she's not eating a whole lot, but I know she's on the right path. I actually got some milk and a half of a sloppy joe into her today!

Hubby worked a looonnnnng day today. Went in at 5am, home by 7:30pm. He came home in a rather foul mood, which unfortunately seems to be his new normal, so I took full advantage of running out the door to grocery shop. Hey, at least I took the good kid and left him with the rest one kid with me.

I began a cleaning and organizing frenzy today. I am so tired of things being so doesn't take long for things to get out of control. I figure if I get rid of a lot of stuff, there won't be as much to mess up!

Sam's scheduled to see the pediatric orthopedist tomorrow afternoon. That should be an adventure all by itself. Taking more than one kid out in public is always humiliating, stressful and stupid fun.

It's after 10pm and I still have 45 hours of work left to do...signing off until tomorrow.


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mums_hugs said...

Yes, I know how you feel, you get to the end of a long day and all you can see ahead of you is more work. It is tiring just thinking about it.
I too have been having the urge to clean up and throw out/give away. I get so sick of not being able to see floor because of the stuff strewn everywhere. I have three garbage bags of clothes to take to the op shop this week, just amazes me how we accumulate so much, yet actually need so little.You could always put some stuff on Ebay and see if it sells.

I send you many happy and productive cleaning vibes!