Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Great Barf-Fest of 2008

Just tryin' to keep it's not been pleasant around here!

Let me back track a little--Christmas Eve--My fantabulous mom and step-dad came over for our traditional Christmas Eve dinner. While I was in the kitchen cleaning up, Gracie came up to me, looking quite pale, and told me she was cold. Indeed she was. Goosebumps all over! I leaned in to feel her sweet little head--HOT! So, I break out the thermometer and it gives me a nasty reading of 104.3 and climbing. As I saw the number register on the thermometer, it also registered with me that Gracie had 2 'accidents' that day--and I distinctly remember her pee smelling a little 'off'. I also remember her telling me her back hurt. All of a sudden, it hit me that she was probably ill with another kidney infection. But, before I panicked, I reasoned that she could be ill from the 4 shots she had gotten the day before at her 5 year well-child appointment. I called the pediatricians nurse triage line to run off her symptoms and to see if the shots could be the culprit. Nope. The nurse said no way would the immunizations cause such a high fever, and given her other symptoms, I should take her right into the E.R. I did, they confirmed that she had pyelonephritis(kidney infection) and pumped her full of fluids and antibiotics. We watched the clock pass midnight--Merry Christmas! Thankfully, hubby had stuffed one of her presents into my purse...just in case. She spent a good portion of Christmas day as well at the hospital, as she would not eat, drink or pee. Fun times, I'll tell you, fun times...

So as not to give too much information (because it's yucky) I'll just say that Christmas night gave way to 2 children struck down with vomiting and diarrhea. Lord have mercy, I hate the stomach-flu! It's the worst!! My washing machine ran from 2am until late the next night washing stomach contents from sheets, pillows and blankets. << shudder >>

Little Sam is still ill, and I am thinking he's got the dreaded Rota virus. If your child has ever had that, and all of mine have, it's something you don't forget. The smell of the diaper contents gives it away. Here's to hoping he's all better soon and that nobody else gets sick...

Is Spring coming soon?

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

All is Calm, All is Bright...

Well, not exactly calm, but bright(er) anyway. The last month has been tough. Emotionally, physically, spiritually. I've been in survival mode just to get through the days. But, I've plowed through and am still here and mostly in one piece!

My last post back in November, I mentioned that I was going for some tests. I did have the ultrasound, wasn't able to have the MRI, and finally had the biopsy. I expected just a simple little 'bite' of tissue, but instead ended up in the operating room with a 2 inch incision and 8 stitches. Ouch! I did have trouble with pre-term contractions during and after my surgery, and ended up in Labor and Delivery for the night with contractions between 1-3 minutes apart, BUT my biopsy came back with "no evidence of malignancy". I did get another diagnosis, but it's one I can live with. All water under the bridge. (and my baby girl is handling everything beautifully!)

Our family has been blessed by many and much this season...we are very thankful!

Signing off...I am frazzled. 2 kids in the pediatricians office today. 5 shots, 1 finger poke and a cranky toddler. I need a nap.

Merry Christmas!