Sunday, June 29, 2008

Day 38

Sam totally caught me off guard this morning as I was getting dressed.

"Mama you fat." (giggle giggle)

"What?" "Did you just say what I thought I heard?"

"Mama faaaaaaat!"

2 year olds are mean.

But along those same lines, I've had this conversation with my daughter as well:

"Mommy, why is your belly so floppy?"

"Well, Mommy had five babies. Remember when Mommy’s belly was big like a balloon? When the baby was inside? Well, when the baby comes out, Mommy’s belly is like a balloon with no air inside, and that is why it’s floppy".

"Oh". (wide-eyed giggle)

Yes, the truth hurts, but it’s also pretty humiliating funny.

I seriously need to go on a diet.

Anyway, for today being a Sunday, it wasn't half bad.(so far anyway, it's still early afternoon) We made it to church without too much of an uproar. I didn't get to actually sit in church though. About 8 minutes into the worship time, I saw the number 207 flash across the number board at the front of the church. I pulled my parent sticker out of my pocket, and yup, sure enough, Sam's number. I made my way to the 2 year old room and found the toddler teacher trying to calm Sam down...seems he was crying so hard he was holding his breath. Needless to say, I walked around with Sam and missed the service.

I also got to have lunch with a friend--and that was really nice. It's always good to have adult conversation and only have to look at the table across from me with a bunch of kids, and be thankful they weren't mine. And on my way home from lunch, I found out I was called off from work...good and bad, but mostly good. Another friend invited me to go and try my luck at Bingo tonight. I just might!

Signing off, sounds like things are deteriorating in the 'pretty good day' department. Hubby is shrieking like a Lemur monkey at the kids...later!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Days 36 and 37

No, don't worry, nobody broke a limb or was hospitalized...I just got a little lazy yesterday and didn't feel like blogging, that's all.

Speaking of TIRED! Sweet Sam was even more tuckered out than me. (and if you click on the picture, you can see it more close up---drool on the couch, skinned knee and all)

Since I worked today, I'm not even sure how the day went here at our house. I'm pretty sure the day started with the kids running through the house whipping pillows at each other, yelling, screaming, crying, and shrieking like Howler monkeys--just like everyday.

Seriously though, hubby said the kids were not even off their rockers insane a little wild today. How does he do that? (read: why in the h-e-double-hockey-sticks are they so bad for me?) Probably by stuffing them full of sugar and promising them even more *if* they behave like almost civilized little humans. I always get the short end of the stick when it comes to the kids behaving badly I guess...hmmmmmm, maybe that's because *I* am the one to take them to doctor/dentist/haircut appointments, and he just takes them to Blockbuster and the park. Yeah, real stressful there. Sorry, I guess I'm just a tad bit jealous.

Signing off to eat my prepared from scratch gourmet meal delivered to the door pizza...then off to bed before it starts all over again tomorrow.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Day 35

Hold your hats...I really have nothing to complain about today. (shhhhh--don't tell anyone!) We had our 'normal' variety of misbehavior and such, but nothing to shake my fist at. These are rare days indeed. I could use more days like these in my week.

Eli is having a sleepover tonight--at our house--with his friend from school. They are planning to sleep out in the open air on the trampoline. We'll see how long that lasts. In fact, almost every time we've had this particular friend over, we end up sending him home early because of Eli's bad behavior--and he's even left on his own a time or two. He knows that as soon as Eli's verbal recklessness takes a turn for the worse, he needs to pack up his stuff and head for the hills. Poor kid.

Let's hope they all make it until morning.

Another short post tonight--the dinner dishes are calling my name, as is the laundry sitting wet in the washer.


Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Day 34

I'm going to be boring and short-winded tonight...I'm tired and cranky.( I know! Can you believe it?) Today held the 'same old same old' as far as the whining and what-not. Life as I know it I suppose :)

As long as everyone stays healthy and whole, that's all that matters.

Tomorrow is a new day...a chance to not lose anymore of my marbles...though I must say, my marbles are running low and the ones I have managed to keep are a little dull and lackluster these days.

Signing off. I'm heading to bed even though the kitchen is not completley cleaned and the laundry is not folded. Sometimes tired trumps clean. So there!


Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Day 33: I'm too Old to Blog Today

The best birthday song EVER!
(sorry for the poor camera:)

I am officially old. Okay, maybe not old old, but 34 is cutting it kind of close, right? I felt a bit of anxiety this morning when I woke up about turning a year older, but I've since lost that, although, I think that the closer I get to 35 in this upcoming year, that anxiety will return.

Since hubby is working today, I am throwing myself a party. Complete with cake and guests other than my children. However, since I am pretty smart, it's just my closest family that's coming...they know the kids and all of their hi jinks pretty well. I'm hoping for fun and not a flipping disaster.

Hubby and I made a monumental decision today, one that requires us to retain an attorney, which we have...mixed feelings accompany our decision, however it's mostly a feeling of relief coupled with a side of guilt.

Anyway, I have to feed the kids before we get this party started...later!

Happy Birthday to ME!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Day 32: You Know Your Day is Going to Be GREAT When...

As you're putting the only bra on that still fits you, you notice the wire is sticking out of the side, stabbing you in the armpit and as you're trying to shove it back in and "Make it Work", you accidentally almost drop your hairbrush into the toilet, and then you hear your daughter call her brother a "big fat jerk" because he won't "share his marker."

It's been a day of tantrums, (REALLY??? Can you believe it?)whining, sibling rivalry and yet more tantrums. But really, if I look at the big picture of today, it wasn't that bad. I took Josh out to a school friends house to play this morning. While we were there, his mom invited Gracie to stay and play with their daughter too. I didn't even have to think twice about that! I mean seriously, are beans green? Does James Brown get down? YES! SHE! CAN! STAY!

Wonder what the other mom was thinking when I peeled out in the dirt leaving a big billowing cloud of dust behind me?

Anyway, Josh and Gracie played from 10-2 at friends house and then the mom brought them home to me--I didn't have to use $35 in gas to go and get them all of 6 minutes away! The break was REALLY nice for me. Really REALLY nice.

Signing off...seems it's close to dinner time again...suppose I'd better feed them.


Sunday, June 22, 2008

Day 31: Sweltering Sunday

I had the brilliant idea last night that we'd all get up today and go to church. Seeing as we've only been to church about a handful of times in the last year, I thought it was a great idea. I did debate with myself as to where we should go to church--should we go where we've been members since 2003 or should we go back to the church we tried a few weeks ago? Not surprisingly, my fear of using up all of the gas in our van, led us to 'our' church and not the one we tried across town.

Getting there wasn't an easy soon as I breathed word to the kids that we were going, all I got was a barrage of complaints and whining. "Church is SO stupid and boring!" and "I'm not going NO MATTER what you say!" So, needless to say, getting them out the door hellish and I found myself yelling outloud wondering why we were going in the first place. When we got there though, a little of the stress melted away when the kids all went to their classes without incident. I couldn't really break out of my angry funk though, so I sat pretty smug through the whole service. Oh how mature of me. Hopefully no one noticed my scowling face.

Anyway, before we left for church this morning, the house was already starting to heat up, so I turned on the air conditioner so we'd have a nice cool house to come home to. Unfortunatley, it seems that 'Not me' (The Entity) has struck again...'Not Me' shoved a stick in between the fan blades of the a/c causing it not to be able to blow any air and the outside of the unit was red hot to the touch. Even though the temperature was set at 73*, it rose to a sweltering 81*. I managed to dislodge the stick with a butter knife, but the fan is still not spinning. 'Not Me' is going to need to get a job.

I've got a long week ahead of me...lots to do and I will be doing the hard work of turning 34 29 years old on Tuesday, so I'm signing off to get some sleep :)

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Day 30

Yay! Almost 4 weeks down. 7 more to go until school starts up again. Clearly, the kids have been just as thrilled as me to have summer here. Who knew that having them home all day every day for nearly 3 months would be so much fun? We colored. Danced. Built forts. Blew bubbles. Rolled around play-dough. I thought 'Wow, we're really passing the time here!'
And then it was 10:30am.

I'm going to be dancing my way into school come August 11th.

Still dealing with Gracie's eye rolls, the yelling, the foot stomping, the tantrums over having to wear anything but pink dresses and the general manic moodiness. Too bad she's still too young to go to school this year! Seriously, at age 4 she's fantasizing about ways to injure her brothers without getting caught. What's up with that?
Boarding school in Switzerland anyone?

Today was actually a pretty good day here. The kids were kept busy and I spent a few hours with my mom walking around at Springspree and Costco. It was nice to get out sans kids and hubby!

Signing off...a certain little girl wants to go to bed. Now.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Day 29

If I have to hear "MooOOoOooOOOOm!" ONE more time, I may just move away and change my name. In order to avoid my usual tirade of complaints, I'll just say that today was very long. Very. Very. Long. I felt a sense of relief when I saw the sun start to set--knowing that my little army will be going to bed within hours, although, the hours feel like days right about now.

I am proud to say that I walked every morning this week at 5:30am. I've been walking with a friend and honestly, it has been the best part of my day! It's nice to get out and exercise of course, but it's also very nice to have adult conversation too. One can only take so much conversation of the toddler/preschooler/elementary/middle schooler type. (yes, I have a wide mix of conversational geniuses)

Without going into too much detail, a lot is going on in hubby and I's (I's? is that even proper?) heads right now, so many decisions to make, so many things to think about. My brain kind of feels like it's just rolling around from side to side...

The kids are fighting as usual clamoring for my attention, so I'm signing off to do whatever I need to do.


Thursday, June 19, 2008

Day 28: The Crazy Chronicles

Someday, SOMEDAY, I will look back on all of this and miss it, right? At least that's what I've been told by many moms whose kids have all grown up and moved on.

Until then I guess my theme song will be "She's a maniac, maaaaaniac on the floor! And she's dancing like she's never danced before! She's a maniac, maaaaniac-" You know, cause these are the days...

I figure with the record I am keeping by writing this blog, one day, when I am not still in crazy mode, I can write a book about all of the happenings of being a mom to a wild and crazy bunch--as proof that I lived to tell about it--and I'll make tons of money from book sales! Eh, probably not so much. But, I guess if I do make tons of money from it, I can donate a chunk to the psychiatric facility I may end up in before this is all said and done. See? There's a bright side to everything!

Sam woke up in a stellar mood today...maybe it's his arm bugging him, or it could be the scabs all over his knees from his last endeavour into the land of the coordinated perhaps. He seems to be one big walking accident lately. I think maybe he hasn't gotten used to his ginormous feet, since they have grown 2 whole sizes in a few months. Yeah, that could be it.

Caleb is at his best friends house today (and tonight!) so that will help out with some of the craziness around here. However, since Caleb isn't home to be picked on, Eli has taken to picking on Josh even more than usual, so the whole day could end up being a wash anyway.

I think I'd feel tons better if I could just get some sleep and get a break from a toddler with dictatorial tendencies.

Signing off to get some of my domestic responsibilities ( you know, cleaning the toilets, floors, laundry) out of the way. I want to earn my Queen of Clean Award today.


Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Day 27

Lucky for me, I've not yet made my way to the corner of my room to curl up in a fetal position, rocking back and forth sucking down hard liquor my thumb. I am trying to take all of the events of the last month or so in stride and keep my head held high, but wow, it's taking all I've got to not lose it. Even my mom mentioned to me last night that I looked pretty strung stressed out. Yup, I feel it too.

There has to be a silver lining to the black cloud, no?

Right now, as I sit here hiding out in the basement, all I hear is yelling, crying and stomping upstairs. Josh is doing his ultra annoying dinosaur roar,which in turn is ticking Gracie off, so she's doing her high pitched screaming, Caleb is tattling on whomever is taking food out of the pantry, Sam is running through the house crying because, oh because whatever, he's always crying lately... Wow, I never knew parenting would be this hard. Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't change it for the world, but one person can only take so much before feeling like a complete failure.

Just in case you doubted how crazy it is at my house since you know I'm the perfect mom and all, here is proof I have the Queen of Tantrums...Here's Gracie starring in 'How to Throw a Tantrum' (at least she didn't break her arm, and by the way, this tantrum lasted 45 minutes longer than I taped!)

I'd love to be able to take the kids out several times a week to do fun stuff, but it always ends up badly, so I don't do it. Seems every car trip, even if it's just across town, is full of pushing,shoving and name calling. Then to add insult to injury, I end up humiliated because of their behavior when we get to our destination anyway!

As far as some good news, you know, part of that silver lining, Gracie checked out great at the doctor today. No bacteria found! However, because she is still on a pretty hefty antibiotic, she has to return to the doctor after she's been off the medication for 2 days for another test. Then, it's once a month for a year to make sure she's not brewing anymore nasty e-coli. Also, I called the bank today to explain what had happened with the overdraft and they so graciously reversed half of the charges. I was hoping they'd have reversed all of them, but I am just so thankful for the grace they gave me. Whew!

Well, the kids are clamoring for lunch, so I'll sign off for's still early in the day, plenty of time left for more excitement, so perhaps I'll be back later :)

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Day 26: Tantrum 101

Whatever you do, in the midst of a tantrum, never throw yourself backwards. If you do, this could be you...

Sam before the orthopedist visit in his vollar splint

After the orthopedist visit in his super cool camo-cast

Yup, just as I was afraid of...fracture confirmed by the doc today. Sam will be sporting his camo-cast until July 10. He took it all in stride and cooperated very well with the doctor though. Even left with a sucker in each fist. At dinner tonight, Sam dipped his arm into his pizza...I can only imagine how gross the cast will be 3 weeks from now if it's already messed up on Day 1!

This is gonna be one long summer for sure...Eli,Caleb and Josh are already having trouble with some kids up the street. Just a little while ago, Josh was riding his bike down the sidewalk and one of the other kids took a basketball, threw it at Josh's tire and that sent him flying off the bike. Ripped up his leg in 2 spots and gave him some road rash on his elbow. Tick off Mama Bear, and you're gonna hear about it-- I marched right up the street and layed into the kid--until his dad came outside. Hopefully, the brat kid got a good talking to and will mind his own business. Growwwlllll!

On to a different thought now... We were blessed beyond belief by some friends today. Seems our friends are going on a low carb diet as a family to help with their son's asthma and allergy symptoms. In order to do that they had to clean out their pantry of all 'carby' stuff--and guess who they blessed with the abundance? Us!
Thanks friends! You don't know what a tremendous blessing it was, and at just the right time :)

Signing off to console Josh--he's now weeping on the couch saying he needs a cast like Sam's. Oy!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Day 25: My Daily Complain-a-thon

I have become such a complainer. I'll admit it. I'm not proud of it, but it seems to be woven into who I have become. Granted, I have a few things that are legit to complain about, but, I think I take advantage of that far too often.

Complain I might, complain I must...

Gracie is pretty much back to herself today. She started getting snotty in her attitude again, so I know she's feeling better. She's still looking a bit gaunt with darkish circles under her eyes, and she's not eating a whole lot, but I know she's on the right path. I actually got some milk and a half of a sloppy joe into her today!

Hubby worked a looonnnnng day today. Went in at 5am, home by 7:30pm. He came home in a rather foul mood, which unfortunately seems to be his new normal, so I took full advantage of running out the door to grocery shop. Hey, at least I took the good kid and left him with the rest one kid with me.

I began a cleaning and organizing frenzy today. I am so tired of things being so doesn't take long for things to get out of control. I figure if I get rid of a lot of stuff, there won't be as much to mess up!

Sam's scheduled to see the pediatric orthopedist tomorrow afternoon. That should be an adventure all by itself. Taking more than one kid out in public is always humiliating, stressful and stupid fun.

It's after 10pm and I still have 45 hours of work left to do...signing off until tomorrow.


Sunday, June 15, 2008

Day 24: Back in the Saddle Again

Gracie had a pretty good first day home after her horrendous awful ordeal in the hospital. I have to say, with what happened to her, I lost some of my faith in doctors. Luckily, I still have my faith in God. I suppose that's what keeps me going.

I don't think I mentioned this before, but the day before Gracie got sick, Sam fell and hurt his wrist. Since he cried about it for hours and wouldn't use his arm, I took him into the doctor with Gracie and had his wrist x-rayed. Doc said probable buckle fracture, put him in a half-cast and gave orders to see an orthopedist this week. Apparently, toddler fractures sometimes aren't very clear on x-ray until a week after the fact unless it's a major break. Sam is still complaining of his wrist/fingers hurting, so I suppose we're off to that ortho doc soon. Hmmphffffff...just what I want to do is see another doctor!

Can somebody blow the black cloud away from us please? Seriously, it feels like we are being followed by doom :(

I totally did the stupidest thing last really darn stupid I'm afraid. I always save half of our mortgage payment out of hubby's paycheck so that when the next paycheck rolls around we have the full amount of money to pay the mortgage. Thing is, I save the money in a totally separate account. Anyway, I scheduled the payment to be made automatically on Wednesday (the day Gracie got sick) and I was so stressed out with what was going on here, that I spaced transferring the money to the account the mortgage would be paid out of. Long story short, I now have 8 (yes EIGHT!) overdraft fees of $34 each for making that stupid mistake. And now I don't have enough money to cover the bills. <---insert maniacal scream here---> Man oh man...see, I told you there was a black cloud hovering!

It's nearing midnight, and I must have had one too many Diet Pepsi's because I can't seem to get tired enough to sleep...I am going to sign off to try and nod off--if I don't soon, I'll suffer the consequences tomorrow.

Until next time!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Day 20-23...I Think!

I know, I've been missing in action...with good reason!

On Wednesday, Gracie very suddenly became ill. She complained of her tummy hurting and she turned white as a ghost. In a matter of minutes, she was vomiting, covered in goosebumps and heating up in temperature. I thought she had a case of the dreaded stomach flu, so I mentally began preparing myself for it to spread like wildfire through the house. Gracie continued to get sick,increasingly pale and lethargic, so I put in a call to the doctor, but ended up taking her into urgent care because I was so worried about her. Turns out she had a urinary tract infection. She was given injections of antibiotics in the urgent care office, and we were sent on our way with being told that if she got worse, to take her to the ER.

Fast forward about 6 hours. 105* temperature and a very hard to awaken little girl, and we were off to the ER in a hurry. She was given 2 bags of IV fluids and tylenol and motrin both to reduce her temp. A second urinalysis confirmed a uti, and we were sent on our way with instructions to call the doctor the next day.

Fast forward again...I took her into the doctor the next day because she was still very pale, complaining of stomach and back pain, high temperature and still not drinking or eating. The doctor was in the room less than a minute when she said "This child needs to be admitted to the hospital NOW". Turns out her uti had gone to her kidney and she now had pyelonephritis. ( a severe infection of her kidney) The doctor left the room to call the hospital and I heard her telling the person on the other end of the line that Gracie was 'toxic'. My heart leaped into my throat and I pulled my daughter close...

Anyway, cultures confirmed that her infection was caused by E-coli and she was treated with 48 hours of IV antibiotics. She's now home on even more antibiotics and will have to be seen once a month to check her urine for infection and see a Nephrologist for possible kidney damage. I'll just say her doctor was a little more than ticked off that she was not immediately admitted through the ER the day before to be treated for what he says was 'very obvious' pyelonephritis.

My poor girl.

Gracie shortly after beginning treatment

In the thick of it...

Starting to feel better--hanging with her tall, skinny friend "Charlie"

My poor little princess had to endure too much poking and all, she had 5 IV's started, and that meant 5 painful pokes. She's such a trooper :)

Signing off...after spending 4 days running on worry and no sleep, I'm tired.


Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Day 19

I can't tell you how many times I felt my cell phone vibrate in the pocket of my scrubs today. I didn't answer it most of those times because I didn't think the patients I was dealing with would appreciate me taking a call in the middle of caring for them. When I did manage to answer it, all I heard was whining, crying and mayhem. "She HIT me in the chest with a wooden HAMMER Mom!" screamed Josh. "Well, HE hit me in the tummy with his foot Mama!" cried Gracie...all the while I am thinking to myself, 'Where in the world is your Father, and why can't you voice your complaints to him instead of phoning me'??? But, interrupting that thought was the buzzing of the phone in my pocket...again. Feigning bad cell phone reception got me off hook and back to my job.

I've not heard anything from Eli and Caleb yet this week--which is good. That means no stitches came out, no bones were broken and no one is horribly homesick. I can rest assured that all is well at Camp Elim. Too bad camp can't last for a month :)

I really am too tired to write anything of worth today, and I need to go wake up a sleepy Sam before he's gotten enough sleep to stay up until 3am.

Oh, by the way, that meeting with the surrogacy agency is taking place this Thursday! They are making a home visit, so I suppose I'd better get out the power washer and get to cleaning.

Until next time...

Monday, June 9, 2008

Day 18

Who knew that just walking could make me so tired? Maybe it's the fact that I woke up at 4:49am to meet a friend so we could walk at 5:30. Couple that with the fact that I got called into hospice for a short shift(5 hours) and I walked and walked and walked there wonder my legs feel like they are made of Jell-O.

I am totally annoyed with hubby right now, and he's not even here. As I said before, I got called into work--so he was here with the kids. Okay, he wasn't here with them, rather he decided to take them out around town. To the grocery store, and then to a variety of sporting goods stores. He came home just in time to get ready for work, met me in the parking lot at hospice to swap cars/kids and then he was off. I arrived at home, dog-tired mind you, to the house being a ginormous mess. Breakfast and lunch dishes not done. Laundry not put away. A basket full of toys spread all over the living room, sidewalk chalk crushed into powder on the floor... I could go on and on, but I will spare you the rest. He chose to stay out with the kids just to avoid doing anything around here, I'm convinced of that. He denies it, but I know :)

I pray there will come a day (soon!)that I can ditch the working mom thing, and just stay home with my kids again. Doing both is for the birds.

The kids are fighting again (surprised?) so I'll end the complaining here. Back to work at 7am.


Sunday, June 8, 2008

Day 17: Camp!

Eli and Caleb trying their hand at the archery range

I have been waiting for this day for what seems like's finally here! The boys are nestled in the Pike National Forest for the next 5 days and from the looks of it while I was there, they will be having a great time. The ride up the mountain to camp was quite hellish with the fighting, screaming and squirming...and the ride back down the mountain was just as bad if not worse--Sam SCREAMED the ENTIRE time. (almost 90 minutes) He wanted everything, but nothing, if that makes sense. I tried everything to calm him down to no avail...he just continued to scream " I WANT you MAMA"!! I was ready to pull off the road and leave him with the folks in Green Mountain Falls, but thankfully I came to my senses and carried on.

I had to take Eli into the doctor again this morning as 2 of his stitches came undone. Seems his laceration was in the beginning stages of an infection, so it was cleaned out and the stitches repaired. I am assuming that the next 20 years of my life will be filled with ER visits for stitches and fractures since there are 4 boys in the family. Glad to know that I am helping to pay some nice doctors Mercedes Benz payment.

I am worn out and half deaf from all of the screaming that is still bouncing around in my head and Josh is being a maniac...gotta go.

Oh, crazy me is getting up at 5-dark-thirty tomorrow morning to go walking with a friend. Wish me luck!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Day 16: Thank God For Grandparents

Grandparents are heaven sent. Eli, Caleb and Josh were gone for a better part of the day today helping Grandpa Rich to do some work around the house that he is getting ready to sell. They hauled buckets full of gravel used as fill in the crawlspace. Josh bonked his head on a pipe and got a nice bump, but all else went well. The kids even made $25 bucks each(!) and were treated to lunch. All I heard on the way home was how nice Nana and Grandpa are and how 'we have the best and nicest grandparents in the whole wide world'. Sweet.

I stayed pretty much around the house today except for a quick outing to the bank and a run through Mc D's for Happy Meals for Gracie and Sam. Both of them were more interested in the Kung Fu Panda toy that came with their meal however, but that's the way it always is :)

Eli's leg seems to be healing nicely--although it looks very sore. He thinks the stitches are really cool, especially since the thread is blue. Only 9 more days and then he'll be sporting an awesome scar.

I'm going to brave the movies again tonight, only I'll just be taking the older 3. Hubby will have the privilege of giving me a break from the little ones. (they have been driving me absolutely batty and hubby has been gone more than he's been home) We're going to go and see 'Nim's Island' at the dollar theater. It looks pretty good and adventurous, so I'm sure the boys will love it.

I've had to really come down hard on Gracie these last couple of days for repeatedly saying 'this/that sucks'. (a phrase she picked up from her biggest big brother) Unfortunately, punishing her has not been very effective just yet. Any ideas??

Well, gonna run to get this show on the road.


Friday, June 6, 2008

Day 15: A Stitch In Time

Make that 10 stitches in fact! Last night, we wound up in the ER again,this time with Eli. While at our Love & Respect home group, he went flying over a chair and somehow ended up with a 3 inch gash on his shin requiring 10 stitches to bring the gaping edges together. What luck. Unlucky for him though--he's leaving for camp on Sunday and he won't be able to swim at all! He thinks it's pretty cool that he can't bathe for a week though. And not surprisingly, this is the third ER visit for us since the second week in May. Here's the recap on that:

1. Sam poked in the eye with a fire pit poker. Lacerated lower eye sac. Scared the crap out of mom when he came in crying bloody tears. (don't worry, pokers are now forever out of reach)

2. Josh hit in the back of the head with a 2lb hand weight thrown by Sam. Lacerated scalp. Lots of blood and medical grade superglue.

3. The visit mentioned above.

Maybe I should start to worry that someone will report us to CPS?

I worked at hospice today from 7-3:30--I am SO totally beat. I can't keep up like I used to! After work, I made a half hour (each way) trip to pick up the kids from my cousins house. Then stopped at Wal-Mart for milk and veggies, then to Little Ceasar's for pizza--(WAY too tired to actually cook) After that, we headed a couple of blocks up the street so I could hang out with some adults while the kids ran around wearing themselves out. We had a good drinking, watermelon eating and sidewalk chalking.

I think I'll polish off my bowl of super-duper-chocolate cereal, down some motrin and head off to bed. I need all the shut-eye I can get to survive these long days with the kiddos all home.

Sweet dreams...

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Day 14

Yes, we made it to day 14...yesterday I wasn't so sure.

Seeing as the high is only supposed to be in the 40's today, hubby took the opportunity to take the kids to the movies. So, it's just me and Sam...and he's napping!

The day has been wild and crazy as usual, but nothing I can't handle. We're going to our first night of a family group tonight based on the book 'Love and Respect'. I am a little nervous to bring my hellions angels into someones home for several hours, but I just need to have a little faith in them, right? They've made me proud before, they can do it again. (?)

I am still on the surrogacy bandwagon. In fact, I have moved on in the screening process and the agency is now pulling my medical records and two of the agency partners will be coming out from California in the next couple of weeks to meet with me. No, they're not coming out just for me--they have other things on the agenda too. I am really excited to do this, but quite nervous as well! I've already spoken with my doctor, and he has given me the 'go-ahead' as far as my health and says I am A-OK to proceed. Wow.

Anyway, since it's quiet here, I think I'll go and power clean for a while--then continue trying to find childcare for tomorrow. Hubby and I will have overlapping shifts (mine 7a-3:30p and his 12p-12a) and so far no one to watch the kiddos. Any takers? I pay well!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Day 13: Whine With Your Cheese?

Warning: VERY whiny post ahead.

Today was one of those days. You know, the kind of day where nothing seems to go right. The rivalry began as soon as little eyes opened this morning, and as of right this very moment (it's 6:08pm) they are still going strong. When kids can bring their mom to tears, it's not a good day, and this is one day that I will be glad to see end.

It is so darn maddening to spend the entire day breaking up spats both verbal and non-verbal. Seems I can't get a word in when the kids are fighting like they have been. It's like I'm not even in the room--even though I am yelling at them to STOP (poking, pushing, shoving, biting, slapping, belittling, kicking, pinching, scratching...whatever.) They completely ignore me. Completely. And they carry on. I'm sure all in the near vicinity enjoyed hearing me yell like trailer park Mama. Did you hear me too?

I was supposed to have a neighbor friend and kids over to hang out tonight, but they had to cancel...and then I had to deal with the fall out from that. Tears. And more tears. It's okay though, I still have the wine that I got for today. Sorry friend, I can't promise any leftovers :) Maybe next week!

Hubby is still not home...he's been gone since the crack of dawn and he updated me a while ago that he's not sure when he'll be home. It's not faaaaaiiiiiiiirrrrrr!

I must go and break up yet another fight and stop the boys from beating Gracie with a pool noodle. And I think I'll slice that cheese to go with my whine.

Tell me we'll make it to day 14?

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Day 12: Color Me Crazy

It was a long day. Eli had a visit to the ear specialist this morning. His hearing test went good and bad. Good news is the hearing in his right ear (the one already operated on) is up to 26 decibels now. So still not 'normal', but it was at 39 before surgery, and the doctor thinks it "may" improve even more. Bad news is that his left ear is at 42 decibels. (0-20 is normal) This means his loss in that ear is at a 'moderately severe' level. We knew that though, and I am more than pleased that the right ear is doing so well regardless. Surgery on the left side is now scheduled for July 2. The doctor said to plan on at least 3 hours in the OR as he is going to have a vein graft as well as the laser/microdrilling. poor little guy :(

Anyway...changing the subject so as not to dwell on things that make me nervous...

I seriously can not figure out what is wrong with my children. I mean, do all children totally discombobulate orders/instruction given by a parent and do the exact opposite? How hard can it be to eat AT the table, not standing next to the couch over the carpet, or how hard can it be to pick up shoes/toys/books/bathrobes(?) off the living room floor and put them into their respective places? Apparently, hard enough for my kids not to do it.

If I've told them once, I've told them a hundred million times:

Push in your chair after you leave the table.

Place your dishes in (or even next) to the sink.

Please, don't pee on the seat (or wall!) and if you do, wipe it up. Immediately.

Don't cut up paper into a thousand shards and leave it on the table. Throw it away.

And for the love of God, PLEASE don't make a big crumbly mess out of your play-dough. (I HATE Play-dough) Can't you just play with it without needing to hack it into tiny little pieces that fall onto the floor and get tracked all over the house?

Sorry, I have issues with play-dough. It should be outlawed in my house, but it keeps them busy for hours at a time and therefore, not fighting with each other, so I allow it. I also have issues with watercolor paints that get used as finger paint instead of being used with the paint brush provided. I suppose I have issues with crafts and anything that generates a mess altogether. How anal of me.

I suppose you're wondering why I titled this post 'Color Me Crazy'? No, it wasn't over play-dough and finger paint. It was because on the spur of the moment, I took all 5 kids to Red Robin for dinner at 8:15 tonight. No, I didn't go alone...I went with a neighbor and her 2 kids. And honestly, it wasn't the circus that I had imagined on the way there. Even Caleb said to me 'Why in the world are you taking us out, Mom'? I'm happy to say that it was actually another proud moment for me. They behaved very well, (comparatively anyway)and I didn't have to drag anybody out kicking and screaming. And I didn't even require a margarita!

Well done!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Day 11

Today was an I'm-pulling-my-hair-out-by-the-roots-because-they-are-driving-me-crazy kind of day. Really.

I can't tell you how very frustrating it is to clean every square inch of the floor with a scrub brush, a sponge and a bucket of water, get it sparkling clean, and then have a mob of little people come through and dirty it up again in one fell swoop.

Very frustrating indeed.

I also cleaned the bathroom until it shined--only to find a dirt+water=mud mess all over the counter. Seems Sam was washing rocks that he found outside so they'd be good and ready to go into the sandbox which is full of mud right now.

I feel very accomplished today for sure. (yes, dripping with sarcasm)

Hubby has been at work since 5:30 this morning and I just got word from him that he'll 'possibly' be leaving work at 6:30 this evening.( I usually add another hour and a half to the time he tells me he'll be home--that brings it closer to the time he'll actually be home) I almost cried...I am SO ready to have some back-up chaos/crowd control.

Gotta gourmet dinner of beans and brown rice is simmering away on the stove, and Sam is eating out of the dog dish with a Popsicle stick. Don't ask. And I think I need a few bottles glasses of wine to get rid of my headache that was caused by the front door being slammed over and over again.

At least summer camp is less than a week away! Anyone want to join in on my campaign for year round school?

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Day 10

We don't take the kids out much...and most of you know why. With reservations and hesitations, we ventured out today. We went to church for the first time in months. And it wasn't even 'our' church. We were invited to try a church that some friends of ours belong to. I have to admit, I was quite nervous, paranoid, worried, whatever, about what the kids might do to shower us with humiliation as has been par for the course lately. I'll tell you, I was SO proud of them today! We dropped Gracie and Sam off in childcare before heading into the sanctuary with the older three boys. (this is where the worry began) Instead of their usual pushing, shoving and arguing, they all three sat/stood nicely during worship until they were 'released' to their class. No problems there.

After church, we were invited to same friends house for lunch. But, first we had to stop off at the grocery store--this is where things took a turn for the worse. The kids shot in every direction, whining, complaining and whatnot...I even had my entire BRA exposed by Gracie when she pulled my shirt by the neck in a show of anger because she didn't get something she wanted. But, such is my life, right? ( so hoping our friends that were in the store as well, didn't see that!)

Anyway, we spent a great day with our friends catching up--we even went to another church gathering with them after hanging out at their house. We had a great time there eating again and getting to fellowship.

Since hubby and I were feeling on top of the world, we decided to take the kids to Sonic for a .99 milkshake on the way home--the day went to crap from there with the same fighting, whining and fit throwing as usual. Oh well, at least it was great up until then!

Thank you to our dear, sweet friends, for know who you are :)