Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Day 26: Tantrum 101

Whatever you do, in the midst of a tantrum, never throw yourself backwards. If you do, this could be you...

Sam before the orthopedist visit in his vollar splint

After the orthopedist visit in his super cool camo-cast

Yup, just as I was afraid of...fracture confirmed by the doc today. Sam will be sporting his camo-cast until July 10. He took it all in stride and cooperated very well with the doctor though. Even left with a sucker in each fist. At dinner tonight, Sam dipped his arm into his pizza...I can only imagine how gross the cast will be 3 weeks from now if it's already messed up on Day 1!

This is gonna be one long summer for sure...Eli,Caleb and Josh are already having trouble with some kids up the street. Just a little while ago, Josh was riding his bike down the sidewalk and one of the other kids took a basketball, threw it at Josh's tire and that sent him flying off the bike. Ripped up his leg in 2 spots and gave him some road rash on his elbow. Tick off Mama Bear, and you're gonna hear about it-- I marched right up the street and layed into the kid--until his dad came outside. Hopefully, the brat kid got a good talking to and will mind his own business. Growwwlllll!

On to a different thought now... We were blessed beyond belief by some friends today. Seems our friends are going on a low carb diet as a family to help with their son's asthma and allergy symptoms. In order to do that they had to clean out their pantry of all 'carby' stuff--and guess who they blessed with the abundance? Us!
Thanks friends! You don't know what a tremendous blessing it was, and at just the right time :)

Signing off to console Josh--he's now weeping on the couch saying he needs a cast like Sam's. Oy!

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