Thursday, June 5, 2008

Day 14

Yes, we made it to day 14...yesterday I wasn't so sure.

Seeing as the high is only supposed to be in the 40's today, hubby took the opportunity to take the kids to the movies. So, it's just me and Sam...and he's napping!

The day has been wild and crazy as usual, but nothing I can't handle. We're going to our first night of a family group tonight based on the book 'Love and Respect'. I am a little nervous to bring my hellions angels into someones home for several hours, but I just need to have a little faith in them, right? They've made me proud before, they can do it again. (?)

I am still on the surrogacy bandwagon. In fact, I have moved on in the screening process and the agency is now pulling my medical records and two of the agency partners will be coming out from California in the next couple of weeks to meet with me. No, they're not coming out just for me--they have other things on the agenda too. I am really excited to do this, but quite nervous as well! I've already spoken with my doctor, and he has given me the 'go-ahead' as far as my health and says I am A-OK to proceed. Wow.

Anyway, since it's quiet here, I think I'll go and power clean for a while--then continue trying to find childcare for tomorrow. Hubby and I will have overlapping shifts (mine 7a-3:30p and his 12p-12a) and so far no one to watch the kiddos. Any takers? I pay well!

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