Friday, June 20, 2008

Day 29

If I have to hear "MooOOoOooOOOOm!" ONE more time, I may just move away and change my name. In order to avoid my usual tirade of complaints, I'll just say that today was very long. Very. Very. Long. I felt a sense of relief when I saw the sun start to set--knowing that my little army will be going to bed within hours, although, the hours feel like days right about now.

I am proud to say that I walked every morning this week at 5:30am. I've been walking with a friend and honestly, it has been the best part of my day! It's nice to get out and exercise of course, but it's also very nice to have adult conversation too. One can only take so much conversation of the toddler/preschooler/elementary/middle schooler type. (yes, I have a wide mix of conversational geniuses)

Without going into too much detail, a lot is going on in hubby and I's (I's? is that even proper?) heads right now, so many decisions to make, so many things to think about. My brain kind of feels like it's just rolling around from side to side...

The kids are fighting as usual clamoring for my attention, so I'm signing off to do whatever I need to do.


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