Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Day 33: I'm too Old to Blog Today

The best birthday song EVER!
(sorry for the poor quality...cheap camera:)

I am officially old. Okay, maybe not old old, but 34 is cutting it kind of close, right? I felt a bit of anxiety this morning when I woke up about turning a year older, but I've since lost that, although, I think that the closer I get to 35 in this upcoming year, that anxiety will return.

Since hubby is working today, I am throwing myself a party. Complete with cake and guests other than my children. However, since I am pretty smart, it's just my closest family that's coming...they know the kids and all of their hi jinks pretty well. I'm hoping for fun and not a flipping disaster.

Hubby and I made a monumental decision today, one that requires us to retain an attorney, which we have...mixed feelings accompany our decision, however it's mostly a feeling of relief coupled with a side of guilt.

Anyway, I have to feed the kids before we get this party started...later!

Happy Birthday to ME!

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