Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Day 12: Color Me Crazy

It was a long day. Eli had a visit to the ear specialist this morning. His hearing test went good and bad. Good news is the hearing in his right ear (the one already operated on) is up to 26 decibels now. So still not 'normal', but it was at 39 before surgery, and the doctor thinks it "may" improve even more. Bad news is that his left ear is at 42 decibels. (0-20 is normal) This means his loss in that ear is at a 'moderately severe' level. We knew that though, and I am more than pleased that the right ear is doing so well regardless. Surgery on the left side is now scheduled for July 2. The doctor said to plan on at least 3 hours in the OR as he is going to have a vein graft as well as the laser/microdrilling. Oy...my poor little guy :(

Anyway...changing the subject so as not to dwell on things that make me nervous...

I seriously can not figure out what is wrong with my children. I mean, do all children totally discombobulate orders/instruction given by a parent and do the exact opposite? How hard can it be to eat AT the table, not standing next to the couch over the carpet, or how hard can it be to pick up shoes/toys/books/bathrobes(?) off the living room floor and put them into their respective places? Apparently, hard enough for my kids not to do it.

If I've told them once, I've told them a hundred million times:

Push in your chair after you leave the table.

Place your dishes in (or even next) to the sink.

Please, don't pee on the seat (or wall!) and if you do, wipe it up. Immediately.

Don't cut up paper into a thousand shards and leave it on the table. Throw it away.

And for the love of God, PLEASE don't make a big crumbly mess out of your play-dough. (I HATE Play-dough) Can't you just play with it without needing to hack it into tiny little pieces that fall onto the floor and get tracked all over the house?

Sorry, I have issues with play-dough. It should be outlawed in my house, but it keeps them busy for hours at a time and therefore, not fighting with each other, so I allow it. I also have issues with watercolor paints that get used as finger paint instead of being used with the paint brush provided. I suppose I have issues with crafts and anything that generates a mess altogether. How anal of me.

I suppose you're wondering why I titled this post 'Color Me Crazy'? No, it wasn't over play-dough and finger paint. It was because on the spur of the moment, I took all 5 kids to Red Robin for dinner at 8:15 tonight. No, I didn't go alone...I went with a neighbor and her 2 kids. And honestly, it wasn't the circus that I had imagined on the way there. Even Caleb said to me 'Why in the world are you taking us out, Mom'? I'm happy to say that it was actually another proud moment for me. They behaved very well, (comparatively anyway)and I didn't have to drag anybody out kicking and screaming. And I didn't even require a margarita!

Well done!

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