Monday, June 23, 2008

Day 32: You Know Your Day is Going to Be GREAT When...

As you're putting the only bra on that still fits you, you notice the wire is sticking out of the side, stabbing you in the armpit and as you're trying to shove it back in and "Make it Work", you accidentally almost drop your hairbrush into the toilet, and then you hear your daughter call her brother a "big fat jerk" because he won't "share his marker."

It's been a day of tantrums, (REALLY??? Can you believe it?)whining, sibling rivalry and yet more tantrums. But really, if I look at the big picture of today, it wasn't that bad. I took Josh out to a school friends house to play this morning. While we were there, his mom invited Gracie to stay and play with their daughter too. I didn't even have to think twice about that! I mean seriously, are beans green? Does James Brown get down? YES! SHE! CAN! STAY!

Wonder what the other mom was thinking when I peeled out in the dirt leaving a big billowing cloud of dust behind me?

Anyway, Josh and Gracie played from 10-2 at friends house and then the mom brought them home to me--I didn't have to use $35 in gas to go and get them all of 6 minutes away! The break was REALLY nice for me. Really REALLY nice.

Signing off...seems it's close to dinner time again...suppose I'd better feed them.


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mums_hugs said...

I am really glad to hear you got some quiet time for yourself. Having even a few minutes to yourself can make such a difference in a day.