Thursday, June 26, 2008

Day 35

Hold your hats...I really have nothing to complain about today. (shhhhh--don't tell anyone!) We had our 'normal' variety of misbehavior and such, but nothing to shake my fist at. These are rare days indeed. I could use more days like these in my week.

Eli is having a sleepover tonight--at our house--with his friend from school. They are planning to sleep out in the open air on the trampoline. We'll see how long that lasts. In fact, almost every time we've had this particular friend over, we end up sending him home early because of Eli's bad behavior--and he's even left on his own a time or two. He knows that as soon as Eli's verbal recklessness takes a turn for the worse, he needs to pack up his stuff and head for the hills. Poor kid.

Let's hope they all make it until morning.

Another short post tonight--the dinner dishes are calling my name, as is the laundry sitting wet in the washer.


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