Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Days 39 and 40

Yup, I know...I am behind in blogging again. And I think I am only going to get behind even more as this week goes by. Eli is having his surgery tomorrow, Gracie goes to the doctor on Thursday, our wedding anniversary is on Friday and Caleb's birthday is on Sunday. But, if I look on the bright side, staying insanely busy makes the days go by faster and the faster they go by, the less insane I am with having the kids home for summer. Make sense?

Other than my nonsensical gibberish up above, not much else going on. Status quo. Same old same old. Crying and screaming. Screaming and crying. What else would life be with a housefull of kids?

Signing off to contain the chaos and duct tape up some kids.

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