Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Day 41

Eli is home. He ended up having a major reconstruction and needed a prosthetic stapes and a vein graft to close up an 'oval window' fistula. (nope, I'm not explaining it..too tired!)

Here he is pre-op...looking good!

Right before being taken back to the OR (yup, that's me... the stay-puffed marshmallow mom)

In the PACU just coming out of anesthesia

Getting a kiss from Mom...

It was a long ordeal and Eli had difficulty with waking up...and then when he did wake up, he couldn't move without being extremely dizzy...and when he was dizzy, he threw up :(

He's on lots of good drugs and resting now.

We're still uncertain as to what happens next, but the surgeon said he was 'hopeful'.

Update later.

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Jodie said...

those are blackmail photos for when he's older ... I'm glad he's doing well.