Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Day 48: Summer Fun

Gracie posing in her too cute suit at Deerfield Hills 'Sprayground'

Some of the gang around the water shooters

Our water fun didn't last too long though...we were only there about a half an hour when all the kids complained that the water was 'too cold'. Okay, whatever kids, it's scorching hot outside and the water is too cold? At least some fun was had and we ended it with a trip to Wendy's for an ice cold Frosty. No complaints of those being too cold!

I really am running out of ideas of things for the kids to do. Fun isn't always cheap. In fact, most of the time, it's darn expensive! I had to turn down a trip to the zoo with friends because it would have cost me $50 just to get in the gate. I'm trying to scout out more free or nearly free things to do--the kids and I both are going a little stir-crazy. Who was the brainiac that thought having almost 3 months of summer vacation was a good idea? Probably some half-wit without kids.

I suppose I should shove off and clean up the kitchen. We made chocolate chip pancakes and a mess for dinner.

And just because he's so darn cute, I am posting yet another picture for your viewing pleasure... (and yes, he IS wearing one pink shoe)

My sweet Sam...whom (who?) will be camo-castless by tomorrow afternoon!

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