Thursday, July 31, 2008

Days 68 and 69

My boys...they are acting like the Cripps and Bloods. Cane and Able. The fighting, it's driving me batty! It's mostly Eli and Caleb, but sometimes Josh gets thrown in the mix as well. I can't figure out where exactly to draw the line. I do not allow blood shed, of course, but I can't seem to stop them from anything else. Jabbing. Punching. Kicking. Not to mention the verbal barrage. And wow, don't even get me started on Josh's hyperactivity level. He has been literally bouncing off the walls every waking moment. He shrieks at insane decibels at random moments. He seems to not think anything through before he goes ahead full speed. I worry about this one...really I do. I think I have a future extreme sportsman on my hands.

Ten more days...ten more days...just ten more days.

Sure thing is though, that even when the kids do start back up at school, I'll still have something to complain about. Packing lunches. Getting up earlier. Homework battles. I have to frequently remind myself that this is life...roll with the punches and carry on will ya Steph?? I really hate that I've become such a complainer.

I'll sign off and spare you any more complaints.


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