Sunday, July 6, 2008

Day 45: Double Digits

Happy *10th* birthday Caleb!

I can't even fathom how an entire decade has gone by and my second born son is now 10 years old. How does it happen so fast?

Hubby took Caleb out to eat at his restaurant of choice for breakfast this morning. He chose Country Buffet and I gladly let hubby take him there (ewwww!) while I stayed home with the rest of the bunch. Caleb came rolling home after breakfast saying he was feeling sick. I asked him if he felt like he was going to throw up and he replied with "No, I'm just nauseated"...and after the run-down I got from hubby on all that Caleb consumed, it's no wonder. French toast. Cinnamon roll. Pancakes. A 'ton' of bacon. And glass after glass of chocolate milk. The poor kid said he didn't even want any of the birthday cake I was making for him. Luckily, time passed, he didn't throw up and he ended up enjoying a nice big hunk of that birthday cake.

I love you're one of a kind :)

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Marlena said...

You always say how boring your blog is and that it's probably a waste of time and all that kind of crap. Cuz that's exactly what it is, is crap. I don't get to talk to you much, our schedules don't usually coincide. This way I get to hear about what's going on, I get to have an idea of how your life is going.

I miss you Steph and this is a WONDERFUL way to find out how you're doing. I love you Steph - you are a remarkable wonderful and fantastic mother and a beautiful and kind woman, and a very cherished friend.

I love you!