Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Days 53 & 54

Gosh, I didn't know I'd be missed on Day 53! (thanks Lisa!) Again, no catastrophes, just pure laziness on my part.

I think that I may have a graffiti artist in the making here...

When I asked who in the world colored on Sam's back, he answered with a resounding "ME did it!" Really? Wow, forget future graffiti artist, maybe he's really a contortionist in the making.

I worked from 8-2 today and felt very productive...until I got home. I think a tornado hit my house while I was gone, and nobody bothered to clean up after it. I walked into a sink/counter/table full of dishes. Honeycomb cereal cemented to the table with milk. Cut up paper and capless markers littered about. Juice from a Capri-Sun all over the kitchen floor. (dried and sticky of course) I could go on, but I'll spare you the details. I will say though, that I was *mad* about the mess and about it being left on my shoulders to deal with. Granted, I was already a bit stressed out after having been to the doctor's office, grocery store, Supercuts and Blockbuster video (with 4 of the kids) before even returning home from work.

Deep breath....deep breath....deep breath....

Anyway, Eli had another post-op appointment today. Better news this time. The hearing in his left ear last week was at a 'profound' loss--today was much better--loss was only at 36 decibels. And the right ear was at SEVENTEEN! NORMAL! (20 and below is normal, remember?) The doctor had to suction (Stop reading here if you're squeamish...TMI alert) blood clots from Eli's inner ear, sitting right on his ear drum. It was gross, but he thought it was cool of course. (the clots looked like something you'd pull from your nose, only bloody) So, he'll go back in August for some more testing and we'll go from there. A hearing aid is still a possibility for his left ear, but thankfully it's not a probability.

I've got to run...Sam is coming unglued. He only got a mini-nap today. And it shows.

Sam in his most natural state

Tantrum in full swing!

I think I need to pour myself something good :)

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