Sunday, July 27, 2008

Days 65 and 66

I used to be good at keeping up with this blog, but honestly, I am in quite a funk right now. Funkiness seems to come and go in cycles, kinda like PMS, but not as often. Guess I'm just caught up in it now.

I know I said I'd post picture of Eli's birthday party, but somebody swiped my card reader and I can't download the pictures onto the computer. I will be searching for it today...I can't stand not knowing where it is!

The first day of school is creeping closer and closer. Just two looooooong weeks from now I'll be breathing a sigh of relief and enjoying less stress and fighting amongst the kids. Granted, I will still have Super-Sam and Tantrum Girl home, but 5-3=2 and 2 are easier to entertain than 5. I *so* wish Gracie could begin school this year, but darn it, she misses the cut-off by a measly 6 weeks. She already knows all of her letters and sounds by sight and she can write them all, and she's even able to sound out words and 'read', but by golly, the school is a stickler on rules I suppose. Her pre-k teacher last year said Gracie is doing what she should be doing as a second semester kindergartner. Hmmmpppph...guess I'll be home schooling her this year because I think she'll be bored to tears to just run and around and do nothing.

Gotta run...I'm being whined at.

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Anonymous said...

the party was fun until we had to leave! Trust me I would much rather have stayed than to have made an ER run.

Is there cheesecake left???