Friday, July 25, 2008

Days 63 and 64: There's a Birthday in the House!

In just one year from now, I'll be entering uncharted waters....I'll be the parent of a teenager. Would some one please tell me how it happened that my baby turned 12 years old today? How is it that his feet are bigger than mine and he's only 8 inches shorter than me? It is amazing (and I'll admit a little scary) to me how my 8lb 2 oz little boy is growing into a young man, right before my eyes.

Thankfully, Eli is still oblivious to girls (ewwwww, ick!) and bathing is repulsive to him. He doesn't care to comb his hair or change his clothes...and for now, that's okay, because it means he's still my little boy.

Happy Birthday to you Eli! You are a wonderfully made young man and I love you from the bottom of my heart. No matter how tall you grow, or how big your feet get, you will always be my little are what first made me a mother, and I am so proud of you.

Don't grow up on me too fast, okay?

(Birthday picures to come! Party at my house tomorrow!)

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mums_hugs said...

Hey, I have an up and coming teen too! My oldest is 13 in Jan and I am a bit nervous about the whole teenage angst thing. I am making sure to build a good relationship with him now, before he stops talking to me and just grunts. Apparently they grow out of it in a few years!

Happy birthday to your son.