Monday, July 21, 2008

Day 60, Yes SIXTY!

If we're on day 60 of summer vacation, that means the end is near right?? I think Caleb told me yesterday that there was 21 days left. 3 weeks from today I'll be driving like hell shuttling my little angels off to school!

Eli spent the day grounded today. He cussed at me yesterday and really ticked me off. Granted, he s-p-e-l-l-e-d the cuss word, but I took it the same. Some days I think though, that grounding the kid is more punishment for me than for him. But, the day is nearing a close, and tomorrow is a new day, right?

Since hubby had a meeting at work yesterday (that actually turned into a 7.5 hour stint) I wasn't able to go grocery shopping. So, because the cupboards were bare and the kids were resorting to eating the cardboard cereal boxes and the packing popcorn in the garage, I decided to brave the store today. With kids. I'll just say, that just minutes into the store, I very clearly remembered why I hate to go shopping with my children. Need I say more?

I have to run....piles of laundry, dishes and toys are awaiting my undivided attention.


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