Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Days 67 and 68

I just love it when Sam wants to help me around the house. Take today for instance, he helped me by throwing all of the folded laundry back into the dryer when I went to answer the phone. And he helped me by giving the dog some water, only he missed her bowl. And he tried to help me make flatbread pizza for dinner, but almost toppled the entire plate of shredded cheese onto the floor. I'm sure I have other examples of all the wonderful things he's done to help, but I think I'll leave the rest to your imagination. But hey, who doesn't love a 2 year old that will do anything to make his Mama happy?

I feel a little bit gray today. The weather, it affects me. Most of the day it was sunny and bright, but then the clouds rolled in and the sky darkened a bit. I think that's when my mood took a dive as well. Now I feel tired and lazy. Luckily, the kids have all been fed (except Gracie because she's running around with the neighbor girl) and most of the laundry is done, because now I just want to sit and veg. I don't want to do the dishes or give baths. Or put away 3 baskets of clothes. Or match up 50 million pairs of socks. I just want to pour myself a huge margarita glass of iced tea, kick my feet up and close my eyes. Or read a book. A book besides 'How Does A Dinosaur Go to Sleep'.

Yeah. Moving right along.

We just had a lovely dinner of like I said, flatbread pizza...and kiwi slices. Topped it off with chocolate cupcakes and icy cold milk. Having pizza and chocolate means Sam and Gracie will need baths, of course. We have nothing else besides hanging out on the agenda tonight.

Well, that and the dishes.

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