Thursday, July 3, 2008

Day 42: Dizzy is as Dizzy does...

Poor Eli...he's been so dizzy today. He's walking at a slant most of the time. If he lies still, he's okay, but as soon as he sits or stands up, he gets hit with the vertigo. I spoke with the surgeons office today and was told to call if by Saturday he is still dizzy. Eli is also pretty bruised up on his head and the insicion on his wrist from his graft is sore too. But, even with the dizziness and feeling so uncomfortable, Eli is *most* pleasant on codeine and scopalomine!

Gracie went in for a hearing screening today. The doctor that did Eli's surgery said that she should be checked out too since the hearing problems could be hereditary, and for the fact that she tilts her head to one side, cups her ear and says "What?" a lot. Thankfully, her hearing is perfectly normal. Whew...

I'm ditching hubby and the kids tonight to head to a girlfriends house for a bbq. I hear that there is food and margaritas need to say more :)

Heading out...gotta go!

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