Friday, July 4, 2008

Day 43

It seems almost impossible that 14 years has gone by since hubby and I got married. 14 years? Am I even old enough to have been married that long? Apparently so, and sometimes I forget that! Our marriage has not always been fact, we've had more downs than ups the last few years, but we're hanging on to each other despite it all.

Since we were married on July 4, we decided about 10 years ago, when Eli was 2, that while our children were growing up, instead of celebrating with just the two of us, our anniversary would be a day for the whole family to is in fact, the day we became a family. Hubby is just happy that I am guaranteed to see fireworks on our anniversary :)

Just as we were getting ready to head up the street to a bbq tonight, Gracie woke up from her nap(Nap? She never naps unless she's sick!) and she was HOT. As in 103* fever hot. As soon as I saw the number register on the thermometer, my mind took me back a little in the day..."My back hurts Mama"...and I remembered the occasional "My tummy hurts" over the last couple of days. I put all of that together and I started to panic a little seeing as how she was so sick just weeks ago. I called the pediatrician and he was very concerned--almost ready to admit her to the hospital again without even seeing her. But, I ended up taking her into the ER to see what was going on. Thankfully, our doctor called ahead to the ER and we got in immediately.

Gracie does have another UTI and the ER doc said it was 'starting to brew' in her left kidney. My heart sank when I heard that and I prepared my heart for her to be re-admitted to the hospital...but (thank GOD) Gracie's own doctor said he would just start her on oral antibiotics and wait on the results from a culture before doing that. So, that's where we stand.

Still waiting.

Gracie and I showed up to the bbq 2 hours late, but the party was just getting started anyway in terms of the fireworks. I let myself relax a little (with the help of a couple of mudslides) and kicked back in my chair.

So, here's to another year of marriage...troubles and all.

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