Monday, July 7, 2008

Day 46

Since I always voice my complaints and stresses here in my blog, I feel a slight need to explain some things, for whatever it’s worth. My kids do not have free reign in our house, even though it might appear that way due to my freely reporting on their crazy messes/mishaps here.

They’ve always been overly curious. And a wee bit daring. But it’s more than that. Many of my friends have told me that their own kids wouldn’t even think about doing some of the things my kids do. As in, it wouldn’t even occur to them that you can dump out an entire box of Cheerios and eat them right there off the floor. Or finger paint the wall with yogurt and lick it off.

Or that it’s a lot of fun to squeeze toothpaste out of the tube. Or carve 12 bars of soap with a unraveled paper clip. Or unroll an entire roll of toilet paper and attempt to flush it down the toilet all at once. Or eat chapstick by the tube. And my favorite, fling the entire contents of a 5lb bag of flour all over the living room. (yes, that DID happen, albeit years ago--I am still quite traumatized by it.)

But my kids? All in a day’s work. And they're very quick about it, too.

So here’s hoping all this ingenuity will someday pay off.

Alrighteeee then, now that I've gotten that off my chest...

I had to trudge Eli back into the doctor today. (can I just say how SICK and TIRED I am of doctors???) He was up last night until around 2am with vertigo and in his words, buzzing in his ear. It got so bad at one point he threw up. So, the doc checked him out and said that unfortunately, things like this are very common after such an ear surgery. Eli will begin a round of steroids today and see how that helps. The doc also did a 'bone line' hearing test and the good news is that Eli does have hearing in his left ear, but it was not at all good hearing. It was down to 49 decibels (when before surgery it was 42..again, below 20 is normal), but he does still have surgical packing under his eardrum--the doc just wanted to check and make sure that his brand spanking new titanium stapes was working at all. It is.

Signing off...I'm now addicted to Mudslides and I'm craving one now. (if you don't know what it is, a mudslide is a wonderfully yummy drink made with rum.)

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