Sunday, March 2, 2008

Sunday Silence

The hum of the furnace. The rattling of the windows because of the wind. The slow and steady breathing of my sleeping son. These are the only sounds I hear right now, and I am reveling in the sweet silence. Granted, up until an hour ago, our house was rumbling with 4 bickering, whining and fit throwing children...not able to agree on what movie to go and see. They are all out now seeing "Enchanted" at the local dollar theater. Since the baby was napping, I 'had' to stay home. Alone. (kinda) Yeah me!

It's these quiet times that I have to use to recharge my batteries, so to speak. One can't live in constant chaos and conflict and not suffer negative effects from it, believe me, I know. I am thankful for the silence that I am able to surround myself with for the time being.

Emotions have been running high here. Caleb's best friend is very ill and is now on the list to receive a donor heart. It will be his 2nd donor heart--he had his first transplant when he was an infant. After a long conversation with his mom last night, and hearing her pain and anguish, I am ashamed of my trivial and petty complaints about my children fighting and whining, like all kids do. Anther child's life is hanging in the balance and his parents don't know if they will have their child tomorrow.

So, for those of you that read my blog, (all 4 of you!) please pray for a sweet, precious 9 year old little boy named Garrett. Pray that he will get his new heart very soon, and that his life will be spared. Pray for his body to accept the new heart and that he can live a long and full life, bringing tremendous joy to his family that loves him so much.

It is hard to see the fear in my son's eyes...knowing that his best friend is so very ill. Caleb has such a tender heart and I see him fighting back tears when talking about his buddy. I fight back my own tears as well, as I can only imagine the emotions and fear going on in Garrett's family right now.

Anyway, please join me in lifting this little boy up in prayer...

UPDATE: Just got word that Garrett is in surgery RIGHT NOW getting his new heart. Praise God!

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