Friday, March 21, 2008

File This Under: It Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time, But Really Wasn't

I was craving chocolate. A Cadbury Cream Egg to be specific. I wanted that chocolate bad. Bad enough to take ALL the kids to the big-box store after school to get one. I knew that by telling them I was going to the store, I would get complaint after complaint...they would just want to go home. So, I promised them all 'one' treat from the Easter aisle. No complaints were heard after saying that...just them whooping it up over the prospect of sugar coated gooey stuff.

Anyway, I should have known that it wasn't a good idea from the start, since the bickering, pushing and shoving began in the parking lot. Josh was twirling himself around totally oblivious to the cars around him. Gracie was whining. Sam was crying for his "ba-ba milk", and Eli and Caleb were throwing verbal daggers back and forth as usual. But, my severe PMS prevailed and blinded me from seeing or hearing any of it. I just wanted that chocolate and nothing was about to stand in my way. Thankfully, the gigantic Easter display was just inside the store, so we went right to it. To make a long story short, it ended up being a complete circus with my children starring as the clowns and acrobats, and me, as the maniacal Mom. I did get my chocolate, though it really wasn't worth the humiliating stares from the crowd that I swear gathered around just to watch us. Sometimes I think I have some form of Maternal Schizophrenia when it comes to my kids and all of the things I do for/with them...They drive me nuts AND I love them intensely. Nothing pulls at my maternal heartstrings more then them...even though sometimes I just want to wrap them in duct tape and head out for a drink.

Spring Break began at 12:01pm today. Two whole weeks my little angelic blessings will be hanging around bored out of their minds. I won't even go into how much I am looking forward to Spring "Break" :)

We dyed Easter eggs (counter tops and fingers too) with Nana today. The kids had a blast dipping their eggs over and over again. When they were (almost) dry, the eggs were then speckled with glitter and stickers. Half of the eggs have already been smashed by a certain toddler that was banging them together like rocks, so my house has that icky egg smell. Ew.

My dryer went out again this past Tuesday, so my laundry is pretty much piled to the ceiling. I am having a new dryer delivered tomorrow by my dear old Dad, bought with a loan from my dear ( I won't say old!) Mom. Thanks you guys!

Signing off to wrangle the kids for dinner.

Happy Easter!

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