Thursday, March 6, 2008

Ready... Set... Four Day Weekend!

There's nothing quite like having a house full of kids. Especially when they are your kids and school is closed for 2 days, plus the weekend! Really though, it was nice to stay in bed past 6:00 this morning, and not have to rush around packing lunches, finding shoes and combing bedheads. And since I let the kids stay up as late as they wanted last night, they slept in too! In fact, three of them are still snoozing away and it's now 7:23am. Howabout that! I would have stayed in bed longer, but the smell of fresh brewed coffee wafted upstairs and pulled me out of bed to have a cup. (thanks hubby!)

Horrible, rotten, terrible, no good news from the dentist yesterday. I have a cracked tooth and am going to need a root canal and a porcelain crown. Fantastically though, I left the dentist's office with a prescription for not only an antibiotic, but with vicoden and valium as well. Oh happy day! (just kidding, I am not a junkie or anything, just easily excited and in a LOT of pain)
So, after the course of antibiotics, I'll be heading off to have all of that done, to the tune of $891.00--holy moly. Good thing is, I didn't have any cavities, but maybe I should go to the dentist more than once every 4 years, huh? I drag the kids to the dentist every six months, but somehow neglect to go myself.

Little Garrett is doing amazingly well. His mom sounded on cloud 9 yesterday...just so thankful that she still has her little boy. We're going to be making the trek to see him this Saturday--armed with a bag full of goodies.

Signing off...have to take Eli to the doctor before his big surgery next week.

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