Monday, March 24, 2008

Spring Has Sprung

It's official. Spring is here. And the kids have 'officially' been on Spring Break for almost a whole day now. I am also going 'officially' crazy! So far today, I have swept up 2 tons of dirt off the floor from the kids running in and out, went to Blockbuster for videos yet to be watched, stopped at the park, but had to leave within 3 minutes because sons were throwing dirt at each other and would not stop, yelled out the back door for the boys to stop throwing pizza pans at the windows (don't even bother to ask) , kissed 4 boo-boos, calmed down a kid covered in grass that had just been swung into the air by his brothers and then dropped onto his back knocking the wind out of him, I broke up a million arguments between my daughter and the neighbor girl, I made those two same girls scrub magic marker (red) off the kitchen table and chairs, made breakfast, lunch, dinner and many snacks....the list goes on and on. You'd think that I had 9 kids here today. Oh yeah, I DID have 9 kids here today! And yes, I know that the very long 'paragraph' above was the biggest run-on sentence in the history of run-on sentences. And I don't really care :)

I am once again a laundry slave, seeing as how I now have a new dryer. I very enthusiastically carried down 104 loads of laundry and I washed and dried them ALL! They are all folded and resting upon my bed waiting to be put away. At least I hope they are still on my bed. Since they are on my bed and not put in drawers or hung up, I am almost certain that I will have to pick them up off the floor, refold them and then put them away. It always happens that way. The kids (never sure which one) have a penchant for flinging the piles of clothes onto my bedroom floor. I'll bet they enjoy the reaction from me when I discover the explosion of t-shirts, jeans and underwear.

I'm's been a long day. Hubby has been at work since 5:30am and is not expected to come home until after 10pm. I think I'm gonna hit the sack and call it a day. G' night.

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