Friday, March 7, 2008

Finally Friday, I Think

These long weekends sure throw me off, especially when the 'weekend' begins in the middle of the week! It sure feels like a Sunday to me and because it feels like Sunday, I feel awfully behind. The laundry isn't done, I have not done our weekly shopping trip, the house isn't clean...oh wait, the house is never clean and the laundry is never fully done anyway. But, even with that, I still feel behind. The real weekend officially begins tomorrow, and I will be no less busy then.

After a full morning of taking Gracie to gymnastics and meeting a friend for lunch, Nana and I took the kids to see 'The Spiderwick Chronicles' this afternoon. Awesome movie--the kids all loved it, except Sam--he slept through 99% of it. But, I'm sure had he been awake, it would have captured his attention too. We all rolled out of the theater full of popcorn and all of the candy we smuggled in. Heck, I know it isn't right to go to Walgreens to buy movie size boxes of candy and sneak them into the theater in the diaper bag, but I don't think it's right that the theater charges $3.75 for a box of Milk-Duds either! Besides, everyone does it, right? (kidding!)

We are very much enjoying our new furniture that was delivered the other day. However, the couch already has been graffitted (is that even a word?) upon by a certain toddler wielding a black permanent marker. Ah well, it's a leather couch and it will come off, eventually. I'm just hoping that the new furniture does not come to the have the same fate as the old...I'll just say it wasn't pretty. Mixing a rambunctious, super-spirited 7 year old and a leatherman tool, isn't good for corderoy fabric. Enough said.

I'd best sign off to clean up the rainbow of Nerds candy that someone spilled all over the carpet before the dog tries to eat them, and I end up with an entirely different mess to clean up later. And I suppose I should feed the kids something more nutritious than popcorn and candy...

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