Sunday, March 9, 2008

Sunny Sunday

Here it is Sunday again, already. Amazing how I find myself alone. Again. No, I'm not complaining, I'm basking! Roy took the kids (all except Sam) out on an "Adventure" of sorts. It's a beautifully sunny day for it! They are out exploring creek beds and old train much fun for a bunch of boys. I'm sure for Gracie it won't be as much fun, but she likes to tag along too. They'll all come home muddy from head to toe and be "starving", of course. So, I guess their adventures become my adventures the fact that I will be cleaning up after it all. But, at least for now, the house is quiet and calm.

We made the trip up north to visit Caleb's buddy, Garrett yesterday. He is recovering very nicely from the heart transplant surgery that he had just one week ago today. I think I heard Caleb actually breathe a sigh of relief when he saw Garrett living and whole, and still the same old kid! As soon as Caleb and I put on our masks and went into his room, Garrett immediately lifted up his hospital gown to show us the foot long incision down his chest. He looked at Caleb and said " Hey Caleb, are you gonna be sick"? Caleb shook his head no, and just said "Cool"! They hung out together and had lunch (Caleb ate WAY more than Garrett, who's stomach is still trying to wake up) and watched a bit of a movie on the flat screen TV in Garrett's room. It was amazing to see all that transpired in just a week...God's hand evident in the whole ordeal.

I am feeling a little woozy now after having spent over an hour cleaning the basement bathroom. This particular bathroom is occupied by two very blind children, that shall remain nameless. These children would have to be blind to not be able to see the toilet in which they are supposed to be peeing. Instead, these very blind children choose to pee somewhat near the toilet, but not quite in the toilet. So, I gloved up, armed with an arsenal of cleaning products and some dynamite, and went to it. I literally had to chisel away at the 1/2 inch thick grime covering every surface of the very small bathroom. I scrubbed and bleached everything, until I could see shine, not slime, again. I'd like to find out what causes such blindness in my children, and maybe get them some glasses or something.

I think I need to go outside and breathe some fresh air...signing off for now.

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