Thursday, March 13, 2008

So Far, So Good...Drugs, Wonderful Drugs!

Yes, I know 'drugs' are bad. But there are some pretty darn good drugs too! The 72 hour patch that Eli has on his shoulder has been great for his is keeping the dizziness and nausea at bay--and it has made for a very happy kid :) Now, if only this sunny change in his disposition lasts... Considering he had a drill in his head yesterday, he's doing awesome.

Not much else going on, unless you count that my dryer is sitting in the kitchen. It is *still* not working--I was hoping it would magically start producing heat again. Nope. I'm sure I'll get used to going to the laundromat with baskets of wet clothes and dumping enormous amounts of quarters into the dryers, yes? I'm also sure that the dryer will sit in the kitchen for quite a while. (if you know my husband, you'll understand why) So, if you see me running about town in a wrinkled shirt and stiff jeans with damp socks, you'll know that I didn't make it to the laundromat to actually dry my clothes. And here's to hoping that the stomach-flu doesn't hit our house any time soon and leave me with (extra) mountains of laundry.

As I was searching the basement today for all of the library movies that are only 3 days late and I need to return before they charge me an arm and a leg, I came upon four decomposing apple cores--a couple of them only half eaten. I also found the rotten core of a pear. I need not even ask who the culprit was. I know. As a matter of fact, he's sitting here eating a nice, big, juicy apple right now. I won't name names, but I will say his name rhymes with Posh :) Amazing how the kid can't seem to find one of the 6 trash cans we have around the house.

It's been quite a cranky day today...I am annoyed with the dryer in my kitchen. I am annoyed by Gracie riding her princess tricycle in the house around and around the recliner. I am annoyed with all of the bickering between the little ones. I am even annoyed at being so annoyed! Maybe I just need a nap. Or a vacation. Or a stiff drink.

I'm going to sign off to wake up my husband who's asleep sitting up in the chair. (even though he'll deny it)

Thankfully, I get a break tonight. I'm going to my weekly bible study at church. I'll not only get the gift of gabbing with some girlfriends, but it's also sweet and salty potluck night. Score!

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