Monday, March 31, 2008

Help! My Energy Has Gone Missing

I think I am beginning to feel my age. I mean, I am almost was bound to happen, right? While I am thankful for the hours I was able to work today, I can't get over how tired I am! I'm not tired as in I need to close my eyes right this very minute, but more like my body does not want to take one more step. At all. Anybody that works in nursing knows that there is MUCH walking to be done the entire shift, but silly me went and walked some more outside during my two 15 minute breaks. I felt the need to breathe some fresh non-germy air I guess. Bedtime can't come soon enough tonight.

Not much to report today...not even any funny stories to tell. I got home from work at 2:45pm and hubby left for work at 2:46pm. I made dinner, we went to tutoring, and now we're home. Boooooring! Actually, now that I think about it, an amazing thing did happen today. Eli spent ALL day playing outside, except for the handful on minutes he was online checking his Club Penguin account to see if any of his friends were playing. Wow. He road his bike. He rode his scooter. And he is outside playing BASKETBALL now! If you know this kid, you know that this is NOT normal behavior for him. His day usually consists of waking up, heading directly downstairs to play online or on his PS2, eating, playing online, eating, playing PS2, eating...and so on and so forth. I am liking Spring!

Sam is currently in a sugar-induced stupor watching SpongeBob Squarepants. I had to keep feeding him candy to keep him quiet at the library while Josh was being tutored. An hour is a long time to keep a two year old quiet, and I'm sure my continuous 'shuuushing' of him was more annoying to the others around me than the pirate noises he was making. Oh well. Live and learn.

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