Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The Results Are In!

My ever anxiety producing blood test results are back, and they're good! I won't bore you with numbers, I'll just say the doc was pleased and so am I. I am totally surprised I got good numbers back in the first place, as like I said before, I have not been diligent, but I am thankful nonetheless.

Spring break is nearing the end...and I am very glad about that. Not that I don't love and adore my children, *but* too much togetherness is never good. They have stepped it up a notch with their fighting, and they are eating us out of house and home. Only 5 days left, and it's a good thing because I am walking the line of needing to head to the nearest nuthouse.

I was supposed to work this weekend. Both Saturday and Sunday. But, I got a call from the agency today cancelling my shifts as they were able to fill them in house. Good for them, bad for me. As much as I dread going to work, I am grateful when I get some hours because having hours to work means I get paid. And getting paid is good. Especially when the kids have eaten everything in sight and are now starting to gnaw on the light fixtures and doorknobs.

The sun is shining brightly again today as opposed to the dreary, cold day we had yesterday, so I scooted all the kids (except Eli-he's glued to the computer screen) outside to play. I slathered their exposed skin in sunscreen and locked the door. (not really, but I considered it) So far, so good...they are running around playing football and jumping off the bike ramp. I did however, have to scold Josh for climbing out onto the roof to "look for a shining golden coin"--okay, whatever kid, just get off the roof and put your feet on secure ground!

Sometimes I wonder how it came to be that I am a mom...and a mom to so many at that. I feel myself floundering and feeling like an idiot most days--just trying to keep the peace here. I want my children to flourish. I want to be able to know when it's all said and done, that I did all I could do to raise them to be happy, God-loving, productive and successful members of this great big world. At this point, I fear they will all end up on some sort of antidepressant and need counseling for the rest of their lives. Tell me that won't happen, would you?

I'm going to hop offline to put on my jammies and kick back to watch Supernanny. Lord knows I need all the help I can get :)

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