Monday, April 28, 2008

Must Be Something In The Air

I have a headache. It's much better than it was earlier today, thanks in part to a bowl of cheese tortellini and a nice big glass of wine. Oh, and Motrin. But strangely, now 4 of the kids are telling me that their heads hurt too. Eli, Caleb, Josh and Gracie are all whining and rubbing their heads. Even Sam jumped on board and told me he has a "hegache" too. Hopefully, full bellies and a dose of Motrin will cure them. It had better not be a blasted virus.

I worked again today at hospice. I haven't been there for 2 weeks. In those 2 weeks, 15 of the 17 patients I cared for in shifts past died or were discharged home to be with their families. One of my favorite patients died today, and another one was dying at the time I was getting off shift. Man, sometimes this job bites. For those wondering about the baby that I was caring for--his parents decided to take him home and care for him there. Thank God. And I am glad to know he is still living, and hopefully bringing his family much joy, even in the midst of their pain.

I am starting to fill with anxiety lately. No, not over work or money, (well, that too) but over the fact that school gets out in four weeks. Summer vacation is almost here. My kids can't even get along for the 5 hours they are together after school before bedtime. I can't fathom how much they are going to argue for 9 whole weeks. My stomach hurts just thinking about it. I have grand plans for this summer...CAMP! Granted, it's only a week, but, something is better than nothing. Hanging onto dreams of summer camp. Oh, and VBS! Maybe I'll sign them up for every Vacation Bible School around the city. Or not, since I can't afford the gas to get them there.

It's late(ish) and I need to get kids cracking on homework and brushing teeth. I am SO glad that Josh only has ONE more night of tutoring--it's getting really old not being able to get dinner on the table until 7:30.


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