Thursday, April 3, 2008

That Small, Still Voice

I know for a fact that God was watching out for me and the kids today. As I sat waiting to pull onto the highway this afternoon, I felt a sense of needing to wait a little bit, I did. I finally pulled out on the heels of a green PT Cruiser. I had no idea what was going to happen up the road just several hundred feet. Right before my eyes, the PT Cruiser got hit by a truck that had not stopped at the light, and the Cruiser went careening into the air and rolled violently several times before landing on it's top in the ditch. If I had not listened to that 'little voice' that prompted me to wait, the one hit would have been me.

I had to stop suddenly because the highway was littered with debris from the impact. I pulled off to the side and dialed 911 to report the accident. From what I could tell, everyone was okay...I didn't get out to help because I had a car load of kids and didn't think it was safe. Thankfully, many did rush to help the victims, God bless them. I am still a little shook up over witnessing such a sight and it gave me a sick feeling in the stomach knowing that could have been me. Lesson learned today for sure. Follow your intuition, as it very well could be the voice of God. I *do* believe that.

Caleb and Josh had their dentist appointment today. 13 fillings between the two of them. Josh had to have 2 of his bottom teeth pulled as well. The dentist felt he needed more room for his permanent teeth to come in as they were 'right there'. I was a bit shocked when the the dentist told me he 'wiggled' out Josh's teeth. I seriously had NO clue they were going to do that, even though the dentist insisted that he had told me. He very well may have told me, but last time I was there, I had all 5 kids having x-rays and cleanings, so I think I was spread a little thin in the brain.

I'm starting to get a little bit giddy knowing that school starts up again on Monday. It has been a long two weeks and I am going to be very happy to get back into our routine. (and get a 7.5 hour break from the kids!) You'd think I'd feel guilty about wanting to send the kids off to school, but I don't. Come on, tell me I'm not the only one!

I do have one funny story for today: I walked into Gracie and Sam's room this morning to find Gracie sitting upon a small cooler. Naked. Apparently, she thought using the cooler as a toilet would be a fun thing to do. Sam was fascinated with it and wanted a turn as well. Much to his dismay, I took the cooler away before he could do his 'business' in it. The cooler is now soaking in bleach in my tub. Ew.
You would think that with having 4 toilets in the house, nobody would need to resort to using a cooler to pee in :)

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