Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Tantrum Anyone?

I was a little blown away yesterday when Josh decided to throw a tantrum. Now, he's been known to cry a lot over nothing sometimes, but he's not been one to throw tantrums. Especially not tantrums of gargantuan proportions. He started his show of emotion as soon as I told him it was time to leave for his tutoring session...and he continued it all the way there. Very loudly and very dramatically. When we finally arrived, he cried some more saying that he couldn't get out of the van yet because his eyes were bloodshot and his cheeks were stained with tears. I gave him two minutes to get himself together enough to get into the building, then I dragged his butt in. I led him straight to the bathroom where I told him he could finish getting a grip while I went to sign him in. I still don't know exactly why he threw the tantrum in the first place, other than the fact he just didn't want to go, but needless to say, he lost some privileges for his outburst. And I think I lost several decibels of my hearing.

Having four of the kids back in school yesterday was pretty great. I tried to take it all in, especially while Sam was napping. I just wanted to be lazy! Alas, I was not lazy however, I was very productive. I got some laundry done, the kitchen cleaned, dinner and dessert made, my paycheck picked up, and some book reading in. And I'm pretty sure I did all of that with a spring in my step from the lack of stress that I am used to with all of the kids home. I was able to get off the Looney-Express for a whole 7.5 hours. Nice.

I just got word today from my Mom that my Grandma has been put on hospice care in the nursing home that she's in. I feel so bad for my Mom...I can't imagine losing her, so I'm sure it hurts her to know that she will be losing her Mom soon. I do think though, that my Grandma has suffered enough. Her quality of life has not been good for a couple of years now. She's stopped eating and is not responsive to those around her. I think she's ready to go and be with her Lord, as sad as it will leave the rest of us...

Wow, after writing that, I really don't feel like saying much more. I have to go and clean up Sam's pee off the floor anyway. (he's naked again)

Until next time!

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