Wednesday, April 16, 2008

You would scream, too, if you had to live with me.

I do the most horrible things to my children. Sometimes they even scream for insane amounts of time because of it.

I make sure their gums and teeth don’t rot, by brushing them every night. (though judging the amount of cavities found at our last dental visit, you'd think I was lying)

I don't let them run into the street or climb out on the roof. ( I said I don't *let* them, not that they haven't done that)

I sometimes even lock the bathroom door so Sam can't go "fishing" in the toilet.

I deprive them of fun and 'nutrition' by limiting their intake of sweets. (oh the horrors!)

I make them change their underwear everyday and wear clean outer clothes.

And the most terrible of all things... I make them go to bed at a 'reasonable' hour. I mean why not? Apparently none of their friends do.

I am a horrible mom.

Seriously though, sometimes I *do* feel like a horrible mom. Especially when a certain somebody is screaming like a banshee because I made her wear shoes. With socks. I also feel inadequate as a mom when another certain somebody flies through the kitchen wailing about the fact that there is "Nothing GOOD to eat".

Please tell me it does get better/easier/more tolerable? Somebody? Anybody?

Gotta go...there's some screaming going on :)

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