Monday, April 21, 2008

Notes From Monday

I am beginning to get a complex. I was called off work again on Sunday. Apparently the census in the IPU (inpatient unit) was down (since it's hospice, that means some patients died) so off I was called. Crap. I. Really. Needed. That. Money. At least the nursing agency called me at 8:26pm to let me know, rather than at 2:09am this time. That saved me at least a few heart palpitations.

I went with Josh on a field trip today. Who knew that Chico Basin Ranch would be out in the middle of nowhere, 35 miles from school? Certainly not me, since Caleb told me it was "Just down the street". Hell--it was a 70 mile round trip and a lot of gas. That being said, I would NOT want to live in the pioneer days! It was a pretty fun though. I drove Josh, Sam, and 2 giggling girls. I swear they laughed all the way there and back. I had to zone out so I could tune it out after about mile 38.

I am stressing out about where in the world my period is. I thought (know) I was suffering from serious hormonal upheaval this last week and a half, but now, I'm not sure what is going on. I'm 3 days late. The test is negative. And I am still hormonal. Think it could be S T R E S S related?

I am tired and I still have a whole days worth of stuff to do. I think I'll sign off and get to it. It's turned into a Hamburger-Helper-chocolate-chip-cookie(s) kind of evening. I'm working tomorrow (for sure)so whatever makes it easier counts, right?

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