Monday, April 14, 2008

April Showers

A midnight trip across wet carpet. Squishy wet carpet. The feeling of the wet fibers between my toes was enough to send shivers up my spine. Turns out, Gracie and Sam found the joys of taking a shower, instead of a bath. Great, that's okay, less bending over the tub to scrub little heads clean, but seriously, hang up the bathmat will you?

Today didn't start off well. In fact, it started last night and just continued into today. I let the boys stay up late (9:15) to finish up a movie that I had brought home from the library. Well, Caleb and Josh were fine with that and went to bed as soon as it was problem there. The problem came from Eli--he was NOT satisfied to go to bed at the appointed time. He had his mind set that he was going to watch another movie, complete with popcorn and a drink. His drink of choice was going to be Coke. With caffeine. Long story short, a Texas sized tantrum ensued, waking up Gracie who then freaked out too, upsetting Sam and really, REALLY ticking me off. I stuck to my guns even though Eli was telling me that yes, he WAS going to go watch a movie in the basement and he WAS going to have a snack. After a good toy throwing, "I hate you" slinging good time, Eli finally consented to getting into bed. Later, as I carried a very upset Sam downstairs for some milk, he said to me "Eli's a meanie" and then clear as day, said something that I will not repeat here. You'd better believe I was relieved to see Eli head off to school this morning.

I was supposed to go on a play date today with Gracie, but she is coughing up a storm and is as congested as New York traffic at rush hour. I am going to have to take Caleb to the doctor though. His hand was hit with a baseball yesterday and today his finger is purple and swollen. Looks like it could be fractured.

Oy. These are the days of our lives...

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Rachel B said...

Hey Steph,
How's the finger? Uncle Jeff can relate. I don't know if he told you, Kaitlyn slammed his middle finger in the side van door Christmas night and fractured the tip into three pieces. Yeah...ow.

Tell Eli that Aunt Rachel only wants to hear good reports! I'll be checking up on him!