Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A Run For My Money

I swear Gracie suffers from a not so rare form of Preschooler PMS. Funny thing is though, she doesn't cycle through it and suffer just one week a month. Rather, she suffers each and every day to some degree. I can't figure this girl out. Either she really does suffer from it, or she's just severely 'behaviorally challenged'. She won't/can't/doesn't listen to me. At all. If I tell her not to do something, she does it. If I tell her to do something, she won't do it. Example: I told her in very clear terms to NOT hit her brother. She looked at me, looked at him, looked back at me and hit him...and this is just one of the many examples I could give, but I will spare you the details, my gentle readers. I will say though, that I am seriously pulling my hair out over her behavior--and I don't know what to do to make her listen to me. And for the record, she won't listen to her Dad either.

I have resorted to carrying around a white, nylon spoon in my purse--pulling it out as needed. And yes, even in public. I ignore the gasps and stares from onlookers, you know, the ones with perfect children, and just carry about my business. The girl needs the discipline no matter if we're at home or not, and I'm not afraid to give it. Sam has been getting a swat or two as well for spitting out his tongue at me and telling me "No way" when I ask him to do something. Oy...these kids are certainly giving me a run for my money.

If you ever wondered if I was crazy, you don't have to wonder any longer...it's a given, I AM! I have completed my application to become a gestational surrogate. A friend of mine is on her third surrogate pregnancy, and the more I talk to her about it, the more intrigued I am about the whole process. I love being pregnant. I love giving birth. As a matter of fact, I long to be pregnant again, BUT, I am not ready to be pregnant and bring another baby home. And how cool would it be to give the gift of a family to some pretty special people? Getting paid very well for it is just the icing on the cake, but I would still consider doing it even without the prospect of payment. So,color me crazy, but I think I am going to go for it!

Gotta run...it's Little Gym night for Caleb and Josh, my gymnastics superstars :)


Rayven, 2x gestational surrogate said...

Congrats on your application. I am about to deliver my third surrogate baby here in late June. It is very rewarding.

As far as your daughter's behavior...sounds like my daughter. She is 6 yrs old, and the only thing I have found that truly has worked over the years is....well...food.

When we get lazy and eat bad (restaurants, fast food, processed foods) she gets out of control. But when I take the time to shop at Whole Foods and cook everything from scratch, organic, healthy, smoothies for lunch, etc, it totally changes her.

She's not perfect, but she is reasonable.

Good luck!

Steph said...

Thanks so much for the input...I really appreciate it! I think you're on to something about the food issue--it's worth a shot!

I'd love to talk with you about the surrogacy thing if you'd be up to it.

I'll get in touch with you through your link.

Take care!