Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Adventures In Potty Training

It all started with Sam stripping himself down to nothing. I made the comment to him that if he was going to keep taking his diaper off that he might as well start going on the potty like a 'big boy'. Well, that statement lit a fire under his rear and off he went. In the potty. That was days ago, and he is still clamoring to sit on the 'toywet'. Pretty darn cool. My freshly turned 2 year old is ready to join the big boys. Granted, I was not ready to be in the potty training mode again, but here it is, thrust upon me, so I might as well give it all I've got--as long as he is willing to give it all he's got! I'm thinking I should probably go and buy Sam some of his own underwear here shortly. He's been wearing Gracie's pink, frilly panties and that's probably not a good habit to instill. It's so much easier to just have the kid in a diaper, but potty training, here we come...

I've got a house full of kids again today. At last count there were 11 of them. Lucky for me, they are all outside playing 'baby baseball'. They are hitting a soccer ball with a plastic baseball bat and then running the bases. I'm not sure if they made it up or if it's a game I just don't know about, but it's keeping them occupied. Besides, I stuffed them all full of cookies they need to burn off anyway.

Day 2 of Spring break has been pretty good, but man, I am thinking that it's going to be a LONG one! I have given up on sweeping up the dirt each time they come blasting through the house...it can wait until all the extra kids go home and mine settle down for the night, right?

I put in for a lot of hours at work today, so we'll see if I get them. I'm finding out that working per diem isn't always good. On the days that I can't work, they call me to work. And on the days I put in that I can work, they don't call me. Very frustrating.

I'm nursing a headache here with Motrin and Coke Zero...think I'll go and kick back while I pair up a basket full of socks. My new drier is getting plenty of good use :)

Tune in tomorrow...I am taking all 5 kids to the dentist. Now that should be fun!

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