Friday, February 29, 2008

The Young(ish) And The Restless

Toddler beds are short. They are made for someone the size of well, a toddler. Being 5'8" tall, a toddler bed was certainly not made for me, yet that is where I found myself for the majority of last night. I started off in my own king sized bed at 10pm. By 11:30, I could no longer stand the nasal orchestra coming from my husband nor the flailing limbs of fidgety 2 year old Sam, so I flung myself out of bed searching for another place to sleep. My plan was to go and crawl in with Gracie since she has a full sized bed. Nope. I went into her room and she was sprawled out sideways across her bed, and there was no way I was going to move her and chance waking her up. I knew I couldn't sleep on the couch, because the light from the hallway upstairs (to pacify the 11 year old that's fearful of the dark) would keep me awake. So, back upstairs I trudged to lay in the only available space. Sam's toddler bed. At first, it wasn't so bad. Then, 5 minutes passed and my legs started to cramp from being curled up so as not to hang over the end of bed. Then, my arms started to tingle, since they were folded up tightly on my chest because, well, there was no where else to put them. Needless to say, I lay there very restless. My mind was churning and I was trying not to seethe about not being in my own bed. Finally, a few hours into it, I heard Gracie climb out of her bed and head for the door. (as she always go and sleep in my bed!) I sat up, banging my elbows on the wooden railing of Sam's bed and told Gracie to get back into her bed and I would join her. Thankfully, she didn't put up a fuss and went right back to sleep. I, however, slept lightly as I kept being smacked in the face by my daughter's flying arm and kicked in the leg by her wandering feet.

The kids don't have school today because the decision was made to close due to the outbreak of influenza among several teachers and many students. Thankfully, my kids are (so far) healthy...I hope they stay that way. Looking back at last year, they all waited until Spring Break to get sick :)

I am going to go pour myself another cup of coffee ( hello? can you blame me?) and get to work on whatever it is that I need to do today.

Stay tuned...

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