Monday, February 18, 2008

Just One More Day

It's a given that when a kid can bring his Mom to tears within minutes of waking up, it's going to be a bad day. That same kid told me that he "couldn't help it, I'm in a BAD mood"....why did I even bother to get up today? I have actually gotten up and gone back to bed 3 times today, but it seems that now I am up for good. The first time I got up was at the butt-crack of dawn(really, it was actually still very dark outside) to make a whining toddler his "ba-ba milk". The second time was to turn on the tv for same toddler. And the third time was to change same kids stinky diaper because his sister came busting into the room to announce that "Sam is SO poopy"!

It's a school holiday, so I was under the very wrong impression that I would get to sleep in.No lunches to pack, no missing books and homework to find. I just assumed the kids could fix themselves a bowl of cereal and eat in in front of the flickering silver screen. How hard can that be? Apparently it's so hard that it's impossible in this house. What with all the screaming and fighting going on before the sun even comes explanation needed, right? Give me a break.

It's days ( better said, 3 day weekends ) like this that make me so very thankful for the gift of public school. I don't know what I'll do come Spring break, which is two very long weeks...and nevermind what I'll do come Summer vacation.

For some reason, my spell check isn't working, so ignore all of my spelling and grammatical's already been a bad day, and the day has hardly begun.

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