Monday, February 25, 2008

Just Another Manic Mom Day

Mondays always start off with a bang. Literally. Come 5:30am, I can always hear the loud bang of 2 sets of feet running up the basement stairs and then clomping around on the hardwood floor. Then comes the low hum of the ancient little television perched atop the fireplace mantel...seems the boys love to watch 'yoga lady' on PBS --since there are no cartoons on at five dark-thirty anyway. The ohh's and ahh's and " How does she get her leg twisted like that"? are so endearing to hear, just before the fighting amongst themselves and the clanging of cereal bowls and spoons begins. With all of that being said, I love Mondays. 4 out of the 5 of my precious darlings get shuttled off to school. All day!

Nothing too interesting in my world yet today. I've run around picking up after this mornings earthquake (in other words, the morning rush). The hubby left so early I don't even know what time it was--but he left a fresh pot of coffee waiting for me. That will earn him some good husband points for sure. I enjoyed not one or 2 cups of that coffee, but 3! It's only half-caff, so it's not so bad. Besides, this mom needs that energy in a cup to get through the morning.

Tonight at dinner, I had one of the best laughs I think I've had in years. The kids were going around the table telling jokes and this was Caleb's : "Why is 6 afraid of 7?" Me, after staring at him blankly: "I don't know...why?" "Because 7 8 (ate) 9!"--I am not sure why that struck me as so amazingly hilarious, but it did, and I belly laughed until my muscles ached. I think what was most funny was the reaction that the kids had because of my laughing. It was truly contagious. Even Mr. Sunshine (Eli) was laughing so hard his face was red--and for the first time maybe EVER, his face not red because of anger. I think I may have frightened Gracie and Sam a bit, as sadly, they are not used to me belting out laughter--they are more used to me belting out things not quite so nice. In the end, everyone left the table in a good mood, and that's all that matters.

Since I am on my own tonight with the kids, (the hubby working a 16 hour day) I am hoping the laughter around the table with stick with them and we can have a little bit of peace...and an easy bedtime.

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