Sunday, August 31, 2008

A Thing of Beauty

Hubby took Caleb and Josh to see the annual lift off of the hot air balloons this morning. I had planned to go to, but I still had 3 sleepy heads that didn't want to rise before the crack of dawn. It's okay though, I was a sleepy head too. My newly pregnant body is rebelling getting less than 23 hours of sleep a day.

I've been drinking buckets of green tea today. I can't seem to stomach plain water, but thankfully, the tea hits the spot. (yes, it's caffeine free) I didn't eat much at all though. Nothing looks good. I went on my weekly shopping trip with Caleb and I seriously saw nothing that was appetizing. Except my mainstay of apples with natural peanut butter. Ugh...

We went to my bosses house yesterday for a bbq. Luckily, I still have my job. I was really worried the kids would terrorize the place and I'd be asked to resign on the spot. The kids actually behaved very well. Thanks in most part to all of the fun stuff they had to play with in the basement. Whew!

Hubby is working tonight which is not usual for him. He's making up some time for being out sick 2 days last week. I can't wait until he recovers completely and gets his voice back. (or on the other hand, maybe it's nice he doesn't have a voice. No voice=no yelling!)

Well, the kids are fighting on the trampoline...I need to intervene. (I just want to scream EEEEELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLIII!--you know, because he's the cause of the troubles right now)


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