Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Dominoes in The Dryer

I gasped when I heard the clank, clunk, clankity, clunk sound when I turned on my fully loaded dryer. I mean, this is the dryer that I just got a while back to replace the other dryer that went out. For a moment, I had visions of pulling out sopping wet clothing to hang dry upon every available surface in the house...just like I had done before. But, before panic and dread sat in, I opened up the dryer door to see if I could find what was causing such a racket.

Yup, dominoes in the dryer. Whew. But, seriously? How did I miss that?

Speaking of objects being where they shouldn't be, Eli had quite a fall last night. He has Heelys...you know, the goofy-to-parents-but-cool-to-kids shoes with a skate wheel built into the heel. Anyway, he was cruising down the sidewalk, on his way home from a friend's house when he hit a rock and went down. He ripped up his knee and managed to embed a few rocks in his skin at the same time. Ouch.
Many tears and much drama later, the rocks were removed and his knee was bandaged. By me. Not the ER he begged me to take him to.

Point being, don't buy your kids Heelys no matter how much they beg, unless of course you want rocks in their knees.

Well, domesticity calls and I have to run. Until next time!

Daily Tantrum Count: 2 (but thankfully, they were small and better controlled)

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mums_hugs said...

Thanks for the tip. My older two have been begging me for these shoes for months and months and I just keep saying they are way too expensive (I actually have no idea, but they buy that excuse).